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ArbitraryWater's Games of the Year 2022 (which came out in 2022)

At some point will probably write a blog of some sort but for now I have a pretty good idea of what games I like and where they're at on this here list.

Honorable Mentions: King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, Neon White, Modern Warfare II’s baseline level of competence, PowerSlave Exhumed, Cultic, Thymesia, Darktide when it works, Nightmare Reaper, Tactics Ogre Reborn, Triangle Strategy, Prodeus

Games I’ll definitely play, just you wait: Mario + Rabbids 2, SMT Soul Hackers 2, Lost Eidolons

List items

  • It's still got plenty of room to go but fuck man, the combined map campaign for Total War Warhammer III is so good it excuses how lame the base campaign is and how rough the launch was.

  • Josh Sawyer, a known history dork, successfully made a video game specifically for me, a known history dork. Incredibly well-written, creative, and thoughtful.

  • I will continue to maintain this is the best XCOM-like since War of the Chosen came out five years ago.

  • There's too much video game in Elden Ring. Like, way too much. An exhausting amount, really. But I cannot deny that a lot of that video game is very good.

  • The small scale trippy dreamlike indie horror game made by two people. You only have six inventory slots A++

  • A nioh-like which dares ask "what if guys were just being bros and also killing chaos" in what is definitely one of the better stories of the year.

  • Finally, the Julius Ceasar fan fiction Tactical RPG we've all been waiting for. This one has been criminally slept on by folks, but the tactics are good, the writing and performances are good, and the historical conquest tourism is the best

  • A messier, less-consistent game than Bayonetta 2, but still a damn solid character action game.

  • Firaxis continues to make very good tactics games and it's a shame this one has so much superhero talking between all of the tactics. I like hanging out with Wolverine as much as the next guy, but I don't wanna have to do laundry every time I finish a fun card tactics mission.

  • Kotaro Uchikoshi loves his fucking twists, and the twist in this one is very stupid. But also there ain't exactly a ton of games like Somnium Files out there.