Best of 2015 that didn't come out in 2015

I didn't play a ton of old games for the first time this year, so this list is going to be a top 5.

List items

  • Giant Bomb's obsession with this game might've only lasted for a week or so, but my obsession with this game lasted a decent amount longer. It's two great tastes that taste great together and also Anime as all hell.

  • I was all but ready to write God of War off as outdated, juvenile and simplistic. While there are no doubts about it being juvenile, it's also a deftly made action-adventure game that still holds up, surprisingly.

  • I can't in good conscience say that The Evil Within is a great game. It's far too inconsistent and frustrating to be in the same league as Resident Evil 4, its spiritual predecessor. But when it works, it works very well.

  • Shoot me. I liked Final Fantasy XIII-2. It's pretty good.

  • King's Bounty Dark Side is more King's Bounty. It gets a place on this list by default as the series to fill the gaping hole left by Ubisoft's treatment of the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise.