Dragon Age Retrospective Soon. It's going to be slightly too long for its own good, just like the game itself!

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Games I played a notable amount in 2020

A way for me to keep track of the games I played in 2020. "Notable" means whatever I want it to mean.

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  • Koji Igarashi made a new Castlevania and it's pretty damn good. One of the best things about Bloodstained is how much it channels Symphony of the Night's esoteric weird stuff and expands upon it a reasonable manner.

    Finished 1/2. Probably won't go back and try to get full 100% completion, but I was tempted.

  • Continuing the hottest resolution of 2019 with a video game that tricks me into exercising.

  • My obligatory Resident Evil 3 playthrough before I play through the new Resident Evil 3 sure does reconfirm basically everything I've ever said about Resident Evil 3. Nemesis is in it. It's not very long, and just sort of throws ammo at you willy-nilly. Fine/10

    Started and Finished on 1/4, because it's the kind of game I still remember enough of to easily complete in a single sitting. Go me.

  • I continue to play one of my favorite games of last year. Surprise! I wrote those blogs, you should read them.

  • Finally got around to the two DLC missions for Hitman 2, and they are both very good. This game continues to be very good. I should play more of it.

  • Oh haha whoops accidentally started playing Monster Hunter now that the Iceborne expansion is out and maybe I'll never play a video game again.

  • A twitchy twitch shooter that manages to distinguish itself through striking and varied aesthetics. Finished 2/8

  • I figured it should finally be time to finish at least one of these big old CRPGs I keep claiming to love but then drop 30 hours in.

  • Dino Crisis is Resident Evil with Dinosaurs, which is a very strong thing conceptually. Alas, while it definitely has some ideas to distinguish itself, it also has some of the dullest environments and most obnoxious puzzle design of any game in this style that I've seen. Finished 2/13

  • Dino Crisis 2, on the other hand, is a batshit crazy action game that somehow manages to be the missing link between the old-school Resident Evil games and Resident Evil 4. It's like if The Mercenaries was an entire game (no, not that bad 3DS one) and also was still vaguely about solving puzzles and collecting items. It's a pretty serious upgrade. Finished 2/15

  • I like everything about Control except for when I'm actually supposed to play it.

  • Started and Finished on 2/17. Onimusha 1 feels like the awkward bastard middle step between Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, neither being an especially interesting puzzle/adventure game, nor being deep or mobile enough to be a good action game.

    Genuinely one of the more unpleasant experiences I've had with a game in quite some time, but at least it was short.

  • FInished 2/19 If this is what the "fixed" version is like, I don't know if I want to. Even at its best, Razor's Edge comes off like a worse version of Ninja Gaiden 2, and it's usually not at its best. Lots of scripted garbage and a truly baffling story.

  • Finished 3/14: Even among the particularly "anime" standards of the Visual Novel medium, Umineko is a bonkers crazy ride from start to finish that also manages to keep itself mostly coherent and intelligent along the way.

    While it's not without things that I think are kinda dumb or poorly-paced, for a big crazy 80 hour VN that GOES PLACES, it's genuinely kind of amazing how good it is for how long it lasts.

  • Finally got around to finishing the main story on 11/11. Nioh 2? More like... Nioh, too. But seriously, it doesn't seem like an especially radical change from the first game, which I guess I'm totally okay with because I'm a noted vocal fan of that first game.

  • Finished: 4/25 Doom Eternal is a fantastic successor to Doom 2016 except for the 20% of the time that it isn't.

  • Plz help I'm trapped in a deckbuilding nightmare hell and it's very good

  • Finished Ork Campaign on 3/29. A pretty great reminder that Dawn of War II kicks ass.

  • Finished 4/5. Still pretty good, in spite of not being as good as REmake 2.

  • The bad asymmetrical multiplayer that they bundled with the RE3 remake was underwhelming enough that it actually got me back into Dead by Daylight. That's how bad it was. Dead by Daylight though? Still pretty good.

  • A surprisingly good Warhammer tactics thing that offers a very un-XCOM style experience even if you can see the seams of its smaller budget here and there

  • A Final Fantasy Tactics-alike that does a fantastic job of making me wish there was an easier way to play through that Tactics Ogre remake.

  • Fear operates on two volumes: Spooky and Loud. The former isn't actually remotely scary, but the second actually still works pretty good? Like, hey, the game with much-vaunted enemy AI still has pretty good AI and jump-kicking clone soldiers in slow-mo is a lot of fun.

  • Streamed as part of my GB Community Endurance Run

  • Streamed as part of my GB Community Endurance Run

  • Streamed as part of my GB Community Endurance Run

  • Wheel of Dubious RPGs candidate.

  • XCOM, but with cops! It has some neat ideas, as far as mixing up the formula, but "interesting" still doesn't quite measure up to the ridiculously high bar set by War of the Chosen

  • It's Gears of War, but XCOM

  • An intriguing indie Fallout-alike that seems to offer a lot in terms of playstyle viability. Not sure how the writing holds up in the long run, but this is something I will revisit.

  • TFW you accidentally decide to do an entire retrospective on a 50+ hour CRPG. Finished 7/14


  • My first experience with Dragon Quest. This game is charming as shit.

  • Finished 8/1 Backlog: hey what if you played any of these games you've never played before

    Me: what if I replayed Pillars of Eternity

  • Time to destroy my arm so I can play more Pillars, whee!

  • Playing Master Quest on the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time, for funsies.

  • This MMO seems pretty good! Alas, it's still a MMO.

  • Finished 9/6. A pretty drastic improvement over Wasteland 2 on a lot of levels, even if I'm always going to be more partial to high fantasy bullshit.


  • Saw credits on 9/28

  • Sometimes you want bootleg Heroes of Might and Magic but with Vikings. King's Bounty is here for you.

  • Finally got all 120 stars after 23 years on 10/3

  • Finished the Barbarian Campaign on 11/12

  • Sure, what's sleep anyway?

  • Been in a Strategic mood recently

  • A 4X with heavy emphasis on the "Exterminate"

  • They made a new Crash Bandicoot game and it's, uh, actually good? Like, wat.

  • The first of many bad choices resulting from me buying a bunch of old PS2/Gamecube games and the equipment needed to stream them.

  • Streamed as part of my Extra Life efforts

  • Streamed as part of my Extra Life efforts; was reminded that Grimrock 2 kicks ass

  • Sometimes you wanna play a dumb shooty-shoot game and sometimes you wanna commit war crimes for President Reagan. But seriously, the higher TTK in this game means I'm not getting melted in the same way I was in Modern Warfare

  • Turns out this here "Half Life" game is actually pretty good? Who could've seen this coming? Finished 12/14

  • So hey the X-COM Spiritual Successor from the X-COM man is ok these days

  • So it's like Dark Souls. But, uh. you can be a stone man?

  • Forgot to put this on here.

  • Hivebuster DLC finished on 12/31