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Games I played a notable amount of in 2016

A list of games I have played a significant amount of in the year 2016. What designates "significant?" Whatever I want it to be!

List items

  • An exceptionally charming, decently funny little deconstruction of 8/16-bit RPGs (and video games as a whole) that is worth taking a look at even despite the vocal, rabid fanbase hyping it up as the bestest thing ever.

  • A decently fun 2D XCOM-lite, even if it doesn't quite give me what I want out of turn-based tactical murder simulators.

  • Now that it's out of Early Access, I've been giving this one a try. It has a fantastic sense of style and a decently sadistic sense of difficulty. However, it might just be a little too grindy for my tastes.

  • Kingdom Hearts is a fairly clunky action RPG that manages to be more than the sum of its parts mostly via how effin' weird it is. I also played like 20 minutes of Chain of Memories and was like "Nope, I'm good"

  • Playing on Classic mode because story mode is for punks. It's still an Etrian Odyssey game.

  • In contrast to its predecessor, Kingdom Hearts II is a much better video game, though it's also where the series' infamously convoluted plot comes into clear focus.

  • To the surprise of absolutely no one, I like this new Fire Emblem game. Conquest is fantastic, Birthright is okay, Revelation is mediocre.

  • A 2D Dark Souls-like that really, really, really wants to be like Dark Souls. It mostly succeeds, but doesn't really reach the heights of the games it pays homage to.

  • In anticipation of the hot new pre-sequel expansion pack, I've decided to play through Baldur's Gate again. I'm using the Enhanced Edition for the first time, and you'll probably hear what I think of the new content.

  • The third Dark Souls game (and the 5th Souls game) is pretty great. They also shouldn't make another one of these for a while.

  • I got the Rise of Iron expansion, and as far as I can tell, it seems stopgap as hell. Not a ton of interesting unique content.

  • A new expansion to an almost 18-year-old game, set between that game and its legendary sequel. It might not be terrible. What?

  • The New Doom has one of the best shooter single-player campaigns I have played in a very, very long time. I can't really emphasize enough how good it is.

  • An excellent RPG, perhaps a tad overlong, with two great DLC expansions. It has some problems, but most of those can be waved away with the quantity and quality of writing that abounds.

  • It's about J-Pop or something and it's kinda great?

  • It's more Monster Hunter! Like hell it is. Super Moves and Weapon Styles are really cool, some of them seem more viable than others, but it still has me like the addict I am.

  • I got to this one like 6 months after everyone stopped talking about it, but I can confirm that XCOM 2 is a quality sequel to Enemy Unknown that addresses a lot of the problems I had. I wish I had played it on a higher difficulty.

  • I finally bothered to finish this game. Combat is great, story is forgettable, it might last a tad too long before running out of interesting new stuff.

  • Oh right, totally replayed Dishonored at one point. I still think that game is pretty good.

  • I did ask for this. Get it? Get it? It's another Deus Ex game in the vein of Human Revolution. Kinda underwhelming.

  • The new Ace Attorney game sure is another Ace Attorney game! I liked it well enough, but didn't love it as much as some of the other games in the series I've played recently.

  • Age of Wonders III continues to be my go-to 4Xish strategy game of choice when I don't have anything else I want to play. While it'll never truly supplant the likes of Heroes of Might and Magic in my heart, it's probably still my favorite strategy game of the last couple of years.

  • It turns out there's still a place for me and competitive shooters after all. A surprisingly good single-player campaign, combined with some really smart, really fun Call of Duty-ish multiplayer.

  • As someone who really liked that first Dishonored, this second one is more of that, but notably better in a way that Deus Ex Mankind Divided wasn't compared to Human Revolution. Some fantastic level design compliments powers that are fun to screw around with.

  • An interesting Obsidian RPG that I haven't played quite enough of yet.

  • While Dishonored 2 probably gives me more of what I want in the traditional "sneak around these guys, maybe choke them out???" realm, I will also sing the praises of the most recent Hitman game and its focus on clockwork systems and mechanics that interact in a way that makes sense and is fun to play around with. Also gets bonus points for how goofy and dumb it gets.

  • Hey dawg, it's been 3 years since the last main series Pokemon game, which means it's been exactly long enough for me to enjoy a new Pokemon game despite all of them being super easy and for kids. It's charming, I like catching them, I like fake Hawaii, and I like all of the variants of old pokemon that they threw in there.

  • It looks like the game entry for Majora's Mask 3D was merged with the original at some point. I really enjoyed Majora's Mask as a super weird, melancholy experimental thing, which makes the weakness of the actual Zelda-y dungeon parts more noticeable.

  • Similar case with Ocarina of Time it seems, but just for the record this is specifically the 3DS version. Honestly, I don't feel like I have any handle on that game's quality and how well it "holds up" but that has to do more with it being ingrained in my brain than anything else. Oh, don't get me wrong, I was due for a replay and enjoyed doing so, but I think I might go Master Quest next time.

  • A neat, mildly funny little visual novel thing that plays on its concept in exactly the right kind of way. While I can justifiably call it "barely interactive" I'm enjoying it so far.