Games you've probably heard me endorse/accidentally endorse one time too many

Everyone has games that they tend to get a bit... enthusiastic about. In my case, it's often niche, underlooked CRPGs from the late 90s. Chances are if you have been on these forums long enough, you've heard me mention these games multiple times when the subject of such comes up. Because hey, everyone already knows that Baldur's Gate 2 is practically the king of CRPGs, so its my job to make sure that you know that other games exist. You know, for posterity.

List items

  • Hey guys: Fire Emblem. While my recent blogging activity has favored obscure japan-only installments, it bears mentioning that I've been plugging the more recent games, specifically the first one to come out in the west, since this site started. And yes, I will continue to do so forever.

  • While I will fully admit that Might and Magic VI is a better game simply by value of being larger and more grandiose in its ambitions, I often plug VII because it's a more tightly contained, more polished experience that is significantly easier to get into. Also it has Acromage. Gotta love that acromage.

  • I've given this game away 4 times, blogged about it twice and even roped two of this website's most prolific bloggers into competing blogs surrounding it. I also tend to shout "YO GUYS TOEE IS PRETTY GOOOOOOD" on occasion. While not yet a household name, it's pretty much my goal to trick/bribe everyone into playing it. Because you really should. Sure, it's a Troika game and thus by definition requires a fan-mod to not crash every 4 minutes or otherwise break, but that is a small price to pay for what is easily the most unique D&D game ever made. Note that I said unique. Not best. Because Baldur's Gate 2 or maybe Planescape is the best.

  • If its presence on half my lists wasn't a dead giveaway, it bears mentioning that I really like Wizardry 8 and am REALLY bummed that there isn't a legal way to obtain it save through being scalped by those price monsters on Ebay.

  • I feel this is more by accident than choice. I think Arcanum is basically "Fallout with a jacked skill system and way too much violin" but I also wrote like 3 blogs on it. Whoops.

  • This game also seems to pop up a lot, despite being totally mediocre and not at all worth playing by any sane man.

  • While Planescape may have better writing and Baldur's Gate may be more cohesive, I seem to get a lot more excitable about this game than its other Infinity Engine contemporaries (including IWD2, which I am kinda meh on), not entirely sure why.

  • Because if there's one thing people need to know, it's that there was a Final Fantasy game that came out in-between IV and VI and that it had a totally radical job system.

  • Also seems to come up a lot, unsurprisingly. Not as much as it used to, mind you, but I still seem to sneak in a recommendation here and there.