GOTY 2015

These are games that came out this year that I enjoyed. See the blog for full details.

List items

  • Deftly balances playing to the classic nature of the games it's inspired by and modernizing those ideas for 2015. Though Divinity still has the best combat of this recent wave of Kickstarter RPG revivals, Pillars is still the best all-around, between storytelling and mechanics.

  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is one of the most satisfying, well crafted games I've ever played. It's systems are also sometimes anachronistic or inscrutable and the game itself is partially responsible for tanking my grades at one point. I can't in good conscience put this at number 1, but it's certainly the game I played the most this year.

  • It might lack the build variety (and, by association, replay value) of Dark Souls II, but Bloodborne makes up for it by being a more cohesive, atmospheric experience.

  • One of the finest stealth/action games ever created. A disappointing final act for the Metal Gear Solid story.

  • I've found myself more drawn to the creation side of Mario Maker, which alone would put it on the list, but it also helps that there are tons of other people who are far better at making clever levels than I am.

  • The combat of Devil May Cry 4 is so excellent I'm almost willing to forgive its structural problems, which are still as readily apparent now as they were 7 years ago. But hey, you can play as Virgil and do crazy teleport cancelling shenanigans!

  • Tales from the Borderlands manages to not only put characters who are likeable in a story that is worth caring about, but also does so in the context of the Borderlands world. You know, the one with the dumb memes? Well, it works. Far better than it has any right to. The only place it loses me is the part where it's still a Telltale game and thus only loosely fits the framework of "interactive entertainment"

  • Eff it man. I'm putting this on the list. Hopefully I won't regret it the same way I did putting Dragon Age on my list last year.

  • While Bloodborne might be hip with the kids these days, I'd like to remind you that this remixed version of Dark Souls 2 also came out this year. As someone who enjoyed that one, I enjoyed what I played of this one too. But then I went back to playing Bloodborne.

  • Specifically after The Taken King came out. I played a little of it before that happened and... boy, they really made some improvements. Not that the game is flawless yet, but it's getting closer.