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Don't be Intimidated. There is Much Fun and Beauty To Be Had Here 0

The Virtua Fighter series has been Sega AM2's crown achievement. The first game not only had at its time the most advanced graphics (of course, they were quickly outdated soon after), but it was the first 3D fighter. And it made quite a difference from other popular fighters at the time, like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. It wasn't just being 3D, it was the amount of strategy and real world martial arts replicated. Virtua-ly (yes, I'll be making this pun throught, deal with it) no button mas...

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So good, we had to wait 7 years for it to be localized 0

I love Treasure. And for good reason. They come up with interesting game concepts, have some of the most amazing boss encounters, and their games are very arcadey in structure. All of that carries over here with Sin & Punishment, a fast paced, 3rd person rail shooter (think Star Fox on foot) that threw you into one heck of a ride through three acts in a winding, complex storyline, all with well done game mechanics and the before mentioned boss encounters.Only one problem. The game never made...

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By today's standards, not the best Mario Kart but close 0


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Do a Barrel Roll! 0

Starfox 64 is one of those games that does it's series justice, and the sequels that follow cannot match how amazing this game is. With a full Voice Cast, multiple paths to completing missions, and a simple yet awesome story, this game is a must own.Story: The game gives the backstory to the events when you first start. Andross was once a scientist that was banished to the faraway planet, Venom, due to his dangerous experiments. 5 years passed since Andross's exile, and General Pepper of the Cor...

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A Revolutionary Classic 0

When you look at platformers today, most of them may seem familiar. That's because Super Mario 64 made the blueprints for how a 3D platformer should be done.Story: Mario receives a letter from Princess Peach, saying that she has baked a cake for him (insert sexual innuendo here). Mario arrives at Peaches Castle and finds it to be empty. He goes inside and hears a voice, telling him to get out, and that no one's home. Mario finds a toad, who says that he and the other toads and Peach are trapped ...

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The Greatest Zelda Ever Made 0

A very epic game, and revolutionary for it's time, and was (if I remember correctly) the first game on Gamespot to ever receive a perfect 10 score (thank you Jeff). Already 10 years have passed, and it's still the best. If you think this is gonna be more of a praise than a review, then I'll start talking about the different aspects right now.Story: Link is greeted one morning by a fairy named Navi (oh, how so many HATE her), telling him that she's been assigned to be his guardian fairy, and that...

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