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Co-Op survival horror at its craziest. 0

Following up my playthrough of Dead Space 3 with Jean-Luc, we dove right into the Awakened DLC. Right away we had more fantastic dialogue between Isaac and Carver, and following the climactic ending of the main game the characters are quite out of sorts, leading to some fantastic and humorous situations. The plot continues on with the hopeless and manic atmosphere of Dead Space 3, as Isaac and Carver attempt to rush back to earth to warn the human race of an impending cataclysm. As they make the...

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Storming the Castle is Fun for the Whole Family. 0

My first experience with Rogue Legacy was watching my friend Jean-Luc struggle against this giant skull demon thing named Alexander. I sat for several hours and watched him die and die and die again out of the corner of my eye while working on homework. After a half hour or so, he gave up and charged out into the greater castle, killed a whole slew of demons, died a dozen more times, found the door to Alexander’s area again, and spent another half hour beating his head against a wall until final...

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The Grooviest Platformer of the Decade. 0

When I started up PixelJunk Eden after acquiring it in a steam sale, I was treated to a beautiful, minimal splash of plant-life. In the background is a mellow, bassy melody, some plucky synths, and some whirrs and beeps. I'm reminded immediately of Flower, but that's not going to last long. Click a mouse button, and I am introduced to my player character/avatar/whathaveyou: a little seed-looking Pokemon-like thingy. A quick wikipedia search informs me that the creature is called a "Grimp". Adora...

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Co-Op survival horror done well. 0

I’ve been a fan of Visceral since Dead Space first came out in 2008. Its combination of gritty atmospheric realism and absolutely glorious science fiction had me hooked, even if I couldn’t play too many hours in a day. (I’m something of a wuss.) As much as it had its faults I also am not afraid to admit I loved Dante’s Inferno in 2010. John Vickery’s portrayal of Satan gave me chills, and I loved the speed and power of the scythe combat. Not to mention it was the first hack and slash game to eve...

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