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Brings high octane battles to SRPG genre. Whaaat?! 1

 Knights in the Nightmare brings Halo's 30 seconds of fun concept to the genre. Usually you wouldn't say of a strategy role playing game that it "repeatedly immerse players in hectic battles that would last for half a minute — just long enough to create heart-thumping chaos and the risk of death", would you? And yet I couldn't have described the battle system of Knights in the Nightmare better if I tried.   The game can legitimately be described as a cross between Disgaea and Ikaruga. And you'l...

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Single-player MMO feel with gory kinetic combat. 0

Another game that has been receiving very average reviews and that i however found very fun to play is Viking: Battle for Asgard. Basically it got bashed because some found it to be repetitive. This is based on the fact that you get to do pretty much the same type of activities, rescuing fellow vikings, clearing out camps, summoning dragons, capturing major cities, on 3 different maps. So sure I can see that from a game reviewer's point of view who is playing the entire game in one go, in order ...

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Fun. Glaive. Action. 0

darkSector took a long time coming and it feels very polished. While the story could have been a little more fleshed out, I enjoyed the fiction and the setting. Don't want to spoil the experience for you so i'm not going to talk about it in more specifics details. I'll just say that it has that desolate feel and desperate mood of Resident Evil 4.The game uses its own proprietary graphics engine and it looks great. Very similar to Gears of War but with higher res textures and without the excessiv...

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