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i live in the netherlands and remember going to amiga meetups in the early 90s. people brought there amiga's and started pirating every game they could get there hands on. i played a great deal of the amiga library this way. we just didn't know any better and software piracy wasn't a thing back then in the netherlands.

since your not asking for ports i came up with these exclusive amiga games worth to check out in 2015:

ruff n tumble




lion hearth

yo joe!



there are some great european video games in this list but what i would like to see on the old games show is the amiga cd32 ;) i never owned the system but i have a feeling that the system is highly underrated and should be praised over the atari jaguar or philips cdi.

one more thing about ports. keep in mind that in the early 90s games like another world or lemmings where amiga originals and where later ported to the other platforms. these amiga originals where often superior on the amiga for the years to come.