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Dream Team

In case of invasion, these are the guys I want in my squad.

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  • An Agent of the Carrington Institute, Joanna was so good they had to create a new rank for her and her alone.

    As one of the few humans on Earth to learn the truth about the warring races of the Maians and the Skadar, Joanna went to the defence of the Maians and stopped them from being destroyed.

    If she's capable of fighting like that for another species she'd only just met, it's no reason she is number 1 in my eyes.

  • While the COG have many great soldiers in their ranks, few hold the same presence or majesty that the "Cole Train" does. As a former thrashball player, Cole has more strength and agility than his Delta Squad teammates; despite his size; and the agression to make full use of it to defeat the locust.

  • The Master Chief (John-117) is so feared amongst the Covenant that they think he's a demon. Clad in MJOLNIR armor, and able to survive almost anything, you'd be insane not to want the chief on your squad.

  • He may be relatively unknown, but Malcolm is a veteran of the Liandri Tournaments, and has probably defeated more than the Master Chief, even facing off against the God of Thunder at times. Anyone who can survive through 6 different deathmatch tournaments and come out unscarred, unscathed and alive is a must-have for me.