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Gaming Perfection

The things I think would add up to an ideal game. A game made using all of these mechanics would be a guaranteed addition to my collection.

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  • I love co-op games. I think they're all much better, once you have someone to share the experience with, and some backup which isn't AI. Four players is ideal - it gives variety of team, and enough of a chance to be helped out, without being too crowded.

  • The first time I came across Regenerating Health was in Gears of War - I thought it was a stupid, unrealistic way to do it. After much playing, I realised just how fantastic it is. With this type the game can be more immersing, as low health requires you to actually hide in safety and protect yourself and allies, rather than just run back to the last health pack you found.

    Not to mention the number of games I have played, done relatively well, screwed up at one point but just survived, then died at the very end from a rogue bullet. It sucks. Granted, those were all my mistakes - but it's still a common way for people to lose control pads.

  • Ever played a game where your partner ends up with a weapon they don't like, while you have one much more suited to their tastes? The ability to swap weapons with your team-mate is fantastic, but somewhat rarely done, yet is such a simple and obvious idea that I think every game should have the ability.

  • In games a single button is always used to reload. In real life reloading takes a bit more skill. The active reload concept brings the ability to screw up, so while it's still not exactly realistic, it does give a little bit of extra to a game.