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All they wanna do is eat your brains 0

I hate zombies. Really, really hate them. I lost my family to them. Well, perhaps not… that may have been a TV show, but I still live in constant preparation of them. Every chance I get to pick up a game and go against them, I take it.The review here isn’t just for Dead Rising 2, but also for Case Zero, and Case West, as they are all basically the same game, albeit with slight tweaks between them.I think the way that Case Zero was released to serve as the demo for DR2 was an absolutely fantastic...

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Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted 0

Ubisoft seem to be fast becoming my favourite company, with Assassin's Creed becoming my favourite franchise. I'm not normally a fan of sandbox games: I follow story progression and tend to miss out on side-quests and collectibles. None of this is true for the Assassin's Creed games. I do have them all, granted a bit later than most big fans, but that doesn't mean I think any less of them - just that I can't afford new games when they're new.  While being a new game, Brotherhood doesn't have man...

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We Go Feet First 0

There's very little to be said about Halo 3: ODST that many people haven't already discovered for themselves.  As a Bungie game, based in the Halo Universe, hopes were always high for this one.  Sadly, much of the game fails to please the vast majority of people.  I must start here by stating I am a very big fan of ODST: I think it is a very well made game, and is highly enjoyable, however I cannot fail to see the inherent bad decisions which were made with it.  FPS games have always been my pre...

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Good GoW, Y'All! 0

It's my personal opinion that games just don't have the same magic as they used to.  It could be that we're breaching too close to reality with the looks, and realism effects and character models based on people we recognise might be taking things a little too far.  Many games, particularly shooters have become a little tired and predictable.  I'm very glad to say that I don't find this to be the case with Gears of War.  Made by the Unreal Tournament team, there was never a chance I wouldn't pla...

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Flawed Victory! 0

I'm a long time fan of Mortal Kombat. The original was the first game I ever played for Mega Drive, and I've loved the game since. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is no different: I enjoy playing the game, but probably not for the correct reasons. UMK3 for the SNES is undoubtedly the buggiest game I have ever played, and that includes various beta tests I have been part of. The fact that this game ever passed classification as a final version just can't fail to astound. Released effectively as an ...

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The name's Dark, Perfect Dark. 0

For almost 10 years, Perfect Dark for the N64 has been my favourite game.  I remember all the hype in the magazines, and painfully awaited it, following all of the development and details as they were released.  I was in the store the day it was released, and was so disappointed when I was asked for ID (I was 14 at the time, but incredibly huge for my age - I'd never had any previous problems).  I was even further disappointed when I discovered that all expansion paks were sold out and I had t...

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