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I just bought my first console ever

Hey duders!

It's really odd, but I've never had any platform for gaming except a PC for the past 15-20 years that I've been playing video games (except for some cheap knock offs of N64 and such that I had as a kid) My parents never got me a console 'cause getting something exclusively for games didn't agree with them. A PC was useful in many ways though, so I got that. (They did buy me a good one at the time though.)

In recent years, games had begun to bring my laptop to its knees and I realized I needed to build myself a desktop or finally get a console. I'm 24 now, and since I got a job and started earning last year, I thought this was a good time to fulfill my childhood dream!

I got myself a PS4, and am finally able to catch up on exclusives such as The Last of Us (kinda terrified of the clickers tbh) I'm gonna re-buy The Witcher 3 and it's expansions as well, as I quit that midway on the PC since my setup wasn't doing justice to the beauty of that game. A lot of other good games also seem to be on the Horizon (hehe).

It's a pretty special feeling. I got it yesterday and spent most of the day getting drawn to it over and over. Seeing that box sitting in front of my TV made me feel excited like a kid again.

I still kinda feel bad about having missed out on last generation's exclusives like RDR (which is on PS now but I don't know if my internet's good enough to make that work) Fable 2, Nier etc, and I didn't want that to happen again. Luckily, a lot of them have been brought over to the PS4.

Any of you have a similar experience? Do you remember how you felt when you got your first console?