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Are the remaining players in the team random? Goalkeeper for instance?

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The Witcher! Putting that on the top of the list meant I didn't even look at any of the other options.

It's my all time favorite game, and I had a better time with it than even the Witcher 3. Other than that, I'd say dragon age origins.

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@welkstar said:


I'm an architectural designer. One summer my friends and I got way into Minecraft, but I eventually had to stop because it became so tedious. The problem solving, design, and building in Minecraft are incredibly similar to what I do in SketchUp and AutoCAD all day. When I realized Minecraft was activating the same part of my brain as SketchUp, the game stopped being fun.

Haha same profession here, but different game as I never played Minecraft. I'd go for the build mode in the Sims series.

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@zevvion: Haha no I think I'll just build hype for Andromeda by starving myself of the series until then :P

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@lego_my_eggo: That is a good idea actually, and I'll give the free trial a shot - especially since I don't intend on buying anything till december (I'll be saving up for whatever I choose) Thanks!

@pr0fpser: I'll definitely build one, but probably later. I regret missing out on all the console exclusives!

@mattimus_prime: I've thought about that option. I think a 360 is now sure, I'll sell it on later. Maybe followed by a PC or PS4

@zevvion:Haha that's number 2 on my all time favorites (also mentioned it in the OP) Played that since it came on the PC. Love that series!

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@zevvion:Haha I've obviously played Fable on the PC, that's kinda the reason I so want to finish off the one that didn't make it to PC. I never replayed it though, but that's just a thing I do with movies and games I love the most - I just watch or play them once and then preserve that memory (so no, I wouldn't replay Fable 2, and would probably sell off the console if it is an X360 after playing through the list)

Yeah, over the past few days I've realized there are tons more exclusives on the PS4 that I'd like to play compared to the Xbox one, which has led me to think that getting an Xbox 360 first and then a Ps4 some months later might be the best way to go (and later sell the 360 and not get a PC until next year or the year after that, making PS4 my main platform for that duration)

As for my general taste in games, besides what I mentioned in the OP, this list should give a good idea (mostly story driven single player games and RPGs) And yeah I can run current games, but at the lowest settings, 720p, ~15 FPS (Witcher, Mafia 3) I can run GTA V on medium at 900p and about 25-30 FPS. These frustrations have made me realize it's time for an overhaul!
Thanks for the help :)

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@slag:Really gotta thank you for all the in-depth help you've given man!

The PS now thing is interesting. While I did read about it, I'm still a little skeptical about the performance I'd get over my average internet connection. But if it does work, it kinda makes the case for a PS4 strong as well (allowing me to play some of the PS3 games, plus I realized PS4 has some good exclusives coming up such as God of War. On the other hand, Xbone has slightly less interesting exclusives for my taste)

I used to be involved in modding up my games, but nowadays I barely have the time to play games, let alone mod them. So that wouldn't be a loss for me. Also, I'm pretty used to using a Xbox 360 controller hooked up to my PC, since most games nowadays seem to be designed with controllers in mind!

The only thing confusing this up, as you said, is the existence of Fable 2 :P Yeah my heart is on it, and I really should go through with that (and also RDR and Neir, since PS4 wouldn't be able to play those)

I guess my options after all this have narrowed down to either 1) Xone now and PC in the future or 2) X360 and PS4 now and PC in the later future. (maybe when the console generation ends)

The decision shouldn't be too hard to make now, and it only depends on how much I think I can afford + what games are the most important. I think the answer should come to me in a few days, thanks to all the information and discussion I've had here.

Again, thanks for the help!

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@an_ancient:You're right, I could get something with the mindset of selling it off when I'm done with the games I wanna play

@zevvion said:

Get a 360 and a PS4. Is that an option too? Otherwise I'd skip the 360. I mean, Fable 2 is great and the 360 has a vast library of outstanding games, but you're only interested in three of them. That makes it not really worth it, especially because the library is more or less definitive. In the meantime PS4 has more games for you to play and it will be alive for at least 3 more years, if not a lot longer than that.

You can play the remastered edition of The Last of Us on PS4 (that is a really fantastic game) and I'm pretty sure Journey is on it as well. Uncharted 2 is not as far as I know, but you definitely missed the window to play it though. In my opinion all the Uncharted games are way overrated, but even series fans will admit going back to Uncharted 2 now will not give you the experience they had when that game came out. It was impressive for several things, none of which are still valid today.

Yeah that's looking like a good option too, although maybe a slightly expensive one. But if money weren't a concern, a 360 + PS4 would be the ideal option. Maybe I'll think about whether I can stretch my budget accordingly or not. Also, apart from the three exclusives I've mentioned for the 360, haven't most narrative, single player games come over to the PC/ also on PS3? Unless I'm forgetting something.

Interesting point about Uncharted 2. Maybe it'd be worth it if I only got the newer ones for the PS4 (if I do get that)

I'm a big Xbox One fan, but if you want a console to supplement a PC the Xbox One is not a great choice unless you plan to use the "Play Anywhere" feature because all the big Xbox One games going forward will be on PC. It also just doesn't seem like OP has that much interest in the Xbox ecosystem games so PS4 and cheap 360 may be the way to go.

That does seem like the ideal situation. I'll just have to see if a 360+PS4 is worth it financially at this point, because that will mean delaying getting a good PC further by a year or so. But I guess since I've now understood and researched my own priorities through these posts, I should be able to make a decision on it.

Thanks for the help everyone!

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@frostyryan: @plop1920: @sodapop7: Yeah, as of now I've not had any interest for getting into the nintendo area. It's more about scratching the itch of those games I've missed out in the past decade, while also maybe covering my bases for the next few years. Thanks!

@slag said:

PS4 does not have backwards compatibility with PS3.

I kind of did not really know this. But that changes things! That means I wouldn't be able to play games like RDR (next priority after Fable 2) and Neir. So Xone vs Ps4 almost becomes Fable 2, RDR, Neir vs Uncharted, TLou and Journey, which makes Xone look better than it did before to me.

I'm considering not going for a last gen console because after I'm done with the few games I'm interested in in my list, I'd not really have any use for the console and that would feel terrible/ like a waste. If I go for a current gen console, I could play the list and also cover the upcoming games, while probably getting myself a gaming PC sometime later (like maybe next year)

I've been gaming on a gt650m laptop with most games on low settings, 720p and ~15-20 FPS, so I'm not hard to impress/ my standards are low. Keeping that in mind, do you think playing Andromeda and KC: deliverance on something like the Xbox One would feel much less satisfying than playing it on a 970 gtx? (would there be a major difference?)

And yeah, I'm not that into japanese games (having tried a couple that made their way to the PC), it's only the 3 that I've mentioned before that I'm interested in. Thanks for the input!

@tpoppapuff: I'd probably like to get the cheaper option (therefore not pro), but what you said supports the case for an Xone in comparison. Thanks for the advice!

If you need to play Fable 2, buy a Fable 2 player. 360's are great, or if you have the extra bucks, get an XBox One.

In that context Xone seems a better option. After Fable 2, RDR and Neir, I'd have no use for the 360. For a few more bucks, an Xone could play all that and potentially fill in for a PC which I could maybe buy next year

@artisanbreads: I'm thinking about not going for a last gen console, just because of the possibility of it collecting dust after I'm done playing the games on this list. That's making the Xone look like a better option - a bit of last gen and a substitute for a PC for a year maybe