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Game of The Year 2014

A somewhat disappointing year. Games I expected to be good were more... mehh

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  • Weird choice I guess, but I had the best experience of the year in this game's world. Great atmosphere, fun gameplay, and it kept me hooked to the end.

  • This would be considered a more normal choice, but it wasn't going to be up here for me. I was uninterested because of my experience with DA2, but then the reviews turned up and made it sound like exactly the kind of game I'd been dying to play.

    It stands at second because I'm still somewhere around the beginning (so I'm not sure whether this will be a better experience than R3) and also because there's no other game challenging it for the spot.

  • Barely started this, but from what I've seen, it looks like more FC3. Which is good, actually. Good looking environments too.

  • Because i'm out of games, and because it IS much improved over its predecessors

  • No this doesn't make my opinion invalid. I have a soft spot for the Sims series due to nostalgia. And I built a pretty awesome house. One of the few games to make me feel happy this year.

  • Had MUCH higher expectations from this one. The game world is okay, the graphics are nice, the gameplay is okay, and I guess that's the problem. It's just ... okay. It's good, not memorable. Has no emotional weight. Pales in comparison to Black Flag.

  • Guess this game was alright

  • Fun little game with a shit final battle

  • Okay I haven't played this game, but the point is, the quicklook itself had moments where I was getting all soft and teary. It had moments that reminded me of my experience with Mass effect etc. That's more than what most games that I PLAYED could make me feel!

  • Spooky. Looks interesting but I haven't played much of it yet.

  • Alright game. WAY overhyped. Sorely lacking story and atmosphere.