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A roller coaster ride from the start to the end.. 0

When I got Dead Space, it was so that I could play an exciting game whenever my friends came over. And because of being busy with schoolwork and our daily lives, those times did not come a lot.. Yes, that was the story for half of the game. But somewhere past the half, (which took us months to reach), I was injected to play the game all by myself.                                                                                And I Couldn't Stop  Dead Space is basically a Survivor-Horror-Third Pe...

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You'll never walk alone. 0

 I can say easily that this is the best fps that I've ever played. The game has an amazing mix of action, humor, suspense, and the best of all, an awesome story. The environment and the things that happen around you truly amaze you at times and take you by surprise. There is no end to shocks till the end that will constantly leave you awed. There is such a variety in the game that you'll never feel like quitting it. The variety in this game is shown by the different kinds of mission which are...

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A great game that should be tried by Rts fans and non-fans alike 0

 I was never a strategy game fan, but when i ran out of games some months ago, i borrowed this from a friend out of desperation for a game. I hadn't expected it, but it turned out to be good. Since i am not a fan of this genre, i couldn't believe that this game held me for hours together. There is a lot of thinking to be done in this game, and each objective can be done differently. You will be completely satisfied with yourself after you complete an objective, and this is what makes this game...

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This amazing game will keep surprising you .. 0

 The game is one of the absolute best that i have ever played (if not THE best). The main highlight of the game according to me would be the story, which keeps surprising you with the plot. The game doesn't necessarily emphasize on decision making, but how tactful you are defines how successful you may be. The story in short is about a guy named Shepard, who becomes the commander of a ship called Normandy. He then has to pursue a traitor of the council, and along the way uncovers many conspirac...

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One of the best games to play when your friends come over! 0

 What a rocking game! My friend and and i can't seem to get enough of it. Choosing your fave character, getting out in the streets, and killing the undead is awesome. The game has no straight story. The main plot is that a zombie apocalypse has hit the world, and everyone is infected. You are one of the four survivors, who have to get to a rescue point in each level. The greatest thing in the game is you'll never get scared, but you'll always be tensed, especially when you hear the witch cryin...

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Almost, but not quite 0

 The most important rule in spore is - "Create an awesome character" , or you won't enjoy the game. I and my friend had created an awesome dragon, and we loved it so much there was no doubt we'd enjoy the game. The game is fine in the cell stage, cause you know you are just starting the game. A little bit of patience will lead you to the creature stage, which is great. It's like a third person action game, especially if your creature's a carnivore. I had great fun flying around with my gang of...

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Great characters and setting make this game a winner. 0

The Bully is an open world sandbox type game set in a boarding school.  The story is kind of like all rockstar games' stories. You are a person who'll do anything for money, and who can do a lot. You get pulled in the situations because of the story's amazing characters, consisting of hypocrites, sociopaths, and plain retards. The scope of the game is amazing. You are not only bound to the school, but can go around an big enough town, on your board, cycle and more. You can even go to a carnival...

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It will make you think. And once you are able to, you'll feel lik 0

 World of goo not only makes you think, but it also has a great story, humor, and ideas. The innovation keeps up with the game, and none of the concepts get old, as the game keeps putting in new ideas as you progress along with the game . The main idea is to keep building towards a pipe with the help of goo balls and collect a certain no. of goo balls with your knowledge of physics and also common sense. The sounds made by the goo balls are funny and cute. This keeps you entertained along wit...

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What a Game! Witcher's mature and deep story is sure to keep your 3

I just finished this game five minutes ago, and what can i say? The Witcher is Such a great game ! I'll start with the pros and cons: Pros Amazing, memorable and moving story with many twists. Moral dilemmas. Amazing cinematics that supplement the story. Great medieval music. Fun combat and alchemy system. Believable and memorable characters. Interesting sidequests. Etc,etc... there are so many points, i can...

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The best RPGs ive ever played. (ive played oblivion) 2

Fable : The Lost chapters is a highly addictive and enchanting game, which you will always remember as a memorable experience after completing the game. The game allows you to choose your way, between good and evil, while giving separate side missions for both.Your good and evil actions affect your appearance , with a halo above and butterflies around you for good, and horns and dark eyes for evil. You live the life of the hero from his childhood and make moral decisions, big or small, througho...

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Assassin's Creed full review 0

The game starts with a person named Desmond, played by you, in the present time, being explained about a machine called the animus by a scientist guy ( Vidic ) that lets you see memories of your ancestors. The scientist apparently wants the memories for some research which is not clearly specified in the starting, but is slowly revealed throughout the game. So you start with a memory that begins the story of Desmond's ancestor-Altair(You). You get out of the animus at some intervals to discuss ...

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