MawnDaze 10/05/09


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What's up GiantBomb. I realize I haven't been contributing a lot to this blog unless I want to plug something. So in a way to revert that bad habit you'll just get weekly plugs!!!!!!!!!1111  No. I've decided to start "MawnDaze" that will come out every week on Monday (pronounce the name and you'll get it). So every week I'll try to recap what I've done gaming related, and maybe a little outside of that as well. This blog post is brought to you by...
Me having a migraine all day. I woke up at 1:30pm like an average college student and I had the biggest throbbing headache in the world. But alas this was not a regular headache that Motrin could battle back, this was a full blown migraine. Which if you've never had, it's like if you broke a bone, but the bone is your skull/brain and you can't wrap it up or heal it quickly, you just sit around all day. So here I am at 5:00am typing this out. But enough of that. 

Ninja Gaiden

Gaming related I picked up Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, which is a confusing title since it makes it seem like this is the 2nd Special Edition of the first Sigma, as opposed to Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma... It's like if I said Metal Gear Sold Special Edition 3. Uh what? But regardless I purchased that game and here's some bulleted thoughts: 

Above: Werewolves in Italy. Uh...
Above: Werewolves in Italy. Uh...
  • Still difficult, playing on the Warrior difficulty and I've died a few times already, it's totally Ninja Gaiden
  • Not as good as the first NG for a few reasons:
  • The color palette isn't distinguished, Ryu is black, the enemies are black, a lot of the time you can't tell who you are on screen since you look so similar, very frustrating
  • I think the combat doesn't allow a lot of agility in comparison to the previous one, I liked the L1 button being a roll instead of dash it seems more fluid in the animation and flow of combat as opposed to the dash in NG2
  • Doesn't really have the charm of the first game, everything is totally nuts and retarded, a giant stone statue in Tokyo? Wtf? CIA? What the hell.
  • Made me buy Ninja Gaiden Sigma for $20 dollars
 At least Sigma 2 has new characters to play as
 At least Sigma 2 has new characters to play as
So since I didn't like NGS2 so much, I played the NGS demo for a few hours and decided to finally buy that. However I got it from GameStop, and they have the most retarded price tagging system ever. I used to be angry at Best Buy for locking games in impenetrable plastic and seals, but at least the price tag didn't smudge the box art. GameStop had not one, not two, but three price tags all pasted onto one another, so after I got rid of the first one, I had two more, and the last one was on the boxart graphic paper itself! What the fuck! I thought I bought a new copy but it might as well be used with all this shit on it.
Ninja Gaiden Sigma has given me a better view on the Ninja Gaiden series again though since it was just better designed on every front, although a few people seem to disagree with me. Which by the way.

TalkGames - "Hurt Me Plenty"

The new TalkGames podcast is out. On this episode we talk about the difficulty of video games in general, as well as talking about what games we've been playing, and news etc. You guys can download the show directly, from the RSS feed, or subscribe on iTunes and the episodes will download automatically. Feel free to leave some feedback about the show in the comments section, we're trying to evolve the show to make it more listenable and interesting, feel free to suggest ideas for segments or Artie Gets Schooled segment. Here are the show notes.
 Every Sunday
 Every Sunday
Epic Intro (00:00) Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 / Ninja Gaiden Sigma (02:15) Difficulty in video games (21:00) Checkpoints and Quick Saves ruin game difficulty (28:30) Different ways of making games difficult (33:30) PSP Games that Slade is playing (35:15) Dead Space (37:00)

NEWS!!! (42:00) Where are all the next gen games? Are games this generation not improving as much as the previous ones? (45:00) Microsoft says Motion Control is the new Online Multiplayer (55:40) Activision sucks (1:01:10) Why are games $60 dollars? (1:05:30) SF4 Special Edition and RE5 Director's Cut (1:16:30) Show ending notes (1:21:00) 
Email us artie --at-- talkxbox --dot-- com. Learn some facts about video games next week when we give you all trivia questions! 

I Am Poor

So as many of you know I am in college these days and man if college didn't clear me out quick. I left my house with six hundred dollars in
 I bought this.  You shouldn't.
 I bought this.  You shouldn't.
the bank, and after two months I've been brought down to $30. Skype call recorder, video games, textbooks, lunch, gas, and dorm shopping has really crushed my account balance. I can't even buy Uncharted 2 next week or any of these other big games coming out soon. I've applied to a movie theater of the same brand that I used to work for, as well as a few GameStops. GameStop seems super shady already, I don't really want to work there but I'd get a discount on video games and I'd be able to rent used ones which would be great for some archival research, but I don't know if I can wait a week to find out if I'll even get the job.
Anyone got some job suggestions? Maybe there's a brand of store that's awesome to work for that I'm not thinking of. There's this Pizza place called "Dinosaur Pizza" the food sucks, but its the greatest name ever so I was thinking of working there since its literal the same guy every time. There's also another store called "Hot Bagels" they both seem super small and relaxed, which means I won't have to worry about working hard, but not a lot of benefits.
Anyway, that was today's MawnDae. I don't know if I'll write that much every time. But if I do, well, I'll be a hypocrite because I hate reading long blogs. Tell me who read it all. I'll add some pictures to sooth everyone's eyeballs and refrain from a block of text. See you next week.