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  • For explanation of why, you should listen to my podcast. I explain more eloquently and interestingly there, than I could re-writing it in text.

  • Same goes for this guy.

  • This is sort of a cheap pick, since most people would say "this is just two DLC packs." Well guess what, it has a retail box release, so I count it as a game. I really like GTA4 in general, but one of its major faults is that it stretches on for too long and begins to fall in on itself since it tries to keep so many characters relevant to the story. Both TLAD and BOGT fix these problems by making their stories only eight-ten hours long. Also they add tons of new style, music, guns, missions, and characters to the franchise. If you like GTA4, you'll love these expansions.

  • Arkham Asylum was expertly crafted. The faults of this game are far more general than picking out one or two things, which is more of a sentiment of how many things the game does right, instead of what it does wrong. The combat is fantastic, stealth sequences are very well done, there's a ton of atmosphere, great voice acting, and villains. Unfortunately despite having a somewhat non-linear world, the game follows a linear path, which gets boring. Also the game feels like an extended tutorial. I was always waiting for the game to finally open up and give me the good stuff, but instead it ended. I also thought the detective mode was a cheap way of "good game design." Still, the sequel could be easily improved, look forward to it.

  • I actually forgot about this game until just recently, but yeah, Dawn of War II. This is a great RTS because it satisfies the super-strategist part of the genre, but incorporates more approachable RPG ideas. You only control four squads in any given mission, and they all have abilities and weapons with levels and buffs on them. It was a really interesting game and I believe its the only RTS that's ever accomplished merging two genres together so well. If you don't like RTS, this would be a good one to start out on.

  • InFamous was a cool idea that didn't really do everything it promised. There was no moral ambiguity like the developers claimed. And the moral choices ended up being lame afterthought instead of being a core facet of the game itself. Still the game allowed of swell powers, and great graphic novel storytelling. It certainly has a lot of faults, but it was a fun game for what it was.

  • This is where the list "stops mattering." I just picked the next five kind of randomly. I never actually beat Red Faction Guerilla. But what I did play was very well done. Stellar physics and explosions, hours of fun. I should get back into this.

  • The Sims 3 expanded on what I wanted from The Sims 2 and added some specialties as well. That said, it also removed a lot of content that was put in The Sims 2 (meaning, the amount of different wallpapers there are, floors, etc.) It sounds like a weird complaint, but that's probably because you haven't played The Sims. Here's looking forward to expansion packs.

  • RE5. I can't not talk about. Here's what I can tell you: I played RE5 every day for at least six hours for five-six days. I now never want to play this game ever again. It must've been good though, cause I remember enjoying it at one point.

  • A very unique game... that I'm not even 1/4 of the way through. Looks like it could be good though? Beating 1-2 without dying was easily one of the most satisfying parts of the game for me. That's also the last thing I did.