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Games I Played In 2017


I'll note when it's not from 2017

EDIT: I'm removing the non-2017 games to stress how far behind I am

List items

  • X/5 - Haven't honestly played through it. I'm 2-3 hours in and bounced off of it. Plan to go back.

  • 4/5 - It's a good game but the GOAT hype is overblown.

  • 2/5 - Well-made, but incredibly repetitive and boring with an uninteresting cast of characters. Hugely disappointing.

  • 3/5 - I don't know why this game is called Prey. Interesting ideas, but fighting enemies is frustrating.

  • X/5 - I'm liking what I've seen so far. More approachable than other card games.

  • 1/5 - They're making a lot of changes but I've kind of hated it so far. Either the newbies (like me) get dusted or they put way too many mechanics to keep track of.

  • 4/5 - Can be fun, can be frustrating

  • 4/5 - Parts of this game were the best of Supergiant's stuff, but the story is super overbearing and gets in the way.

  • 1/5 - Really tried to like this game but I thought the systems were crap and couldn't keep my attention

  • 1/5 - Horrible writing, long tutorial. Bounced off it very quickly.

  • X/5 - Working on it, but not making a good first impression

  • X/5 - Got this for free. Played maybe an hour. Really tired of Uncharted games, may never finish it.

  • X/5 - It's well made but I think I'm over Mario at this point in my life

  • 4/5 - Really inventive and fun. Mix of FTL and Hotline Miami. Although it takes way too long to finish the game. Could use with some more diversity in content.

  • NOT 2017? 4/5 - Came out on PSN and I've been loving it.

  • 2/5 - I don't know why I bought this, I don't even like Sonic

  • 4/5 - Pretty fun and also 35 minutes long