Games played in 2018

Ranked is so I can tell what order I played them in.

List items

  • [not 2018] 4/5 - I liked it a lot. Improved a lot over the first game and really expanded the world and story. Excited for the third entry later this year.

  • [not 2018] 1/5 - I've heard such good things about the Tales series for so long so I dove into the latest one. So much anime bullshit that I had no tolerance for. Bounced off maybe 4-5 hours in. Sorry!

  • 5/5 - FTL team killed it. Awesome game.

  • [not 2018] 5/5 - Sometimes you gotta go back and play the classics. KOTOR has some noticeable age, but the story is still rock solid.

  • [not 2018] 4/5 - Big updates gave this game unique identities for each play through which was desperately needed. Big step up.

  • [not 2018] 2/5 - A well designed game that's no fun and not very interesting

  • [not 2018] 5/5 - more than a decade later this is still one of the best FPS out there

  • [not 2018] 4/5 - Game has grown on me a lot since I first tried it a year ago. The key is not to go from Dark Souls to Nioh in a short amount of time.

  • [not 2018] 4/5 - Rock solid mechanics make it worth for a replay. Skip all that superfluous chats and this game goes by in a breeze.

  • 2/5 - Phenomenally well-designed, but I get lost in the menus and the combat isn't very interesting. Bounced off very quickly. Don't see what the big deal is.

  • [not 2018] 5/5 - I was going to say it's become a yearly tradition to replay the Witcher, but in reality I am always in the middle of a replay

  • 3/5 - Seems like a game that survives entirely on obscuring its mechanics. If I knew what any of these cards did, I'd probably be done with it in an hour or two. The sense of discovery can be enjoyable but more frequently frustrating.

  • 3/5 - Well made game with a disappointing plateau of mechanics. It's one of those games where there is absolutely a correct build path and deviating from that is harshly punished. More often than not I found myself an hour into a game and realized I had fucked up and had to start over. That's never a rewarding experience.

  • 4/5 - Once you understand you're going to get wiped the first 3-4 playthroughs, you can go into your fifth playthrough with all your acquired knowledge and CRUSH IT in this game. It's a lot of fun. Wish there was "more ways to play" but a good 6-8 hour journey.

  • 5/5 - watching the world cup made me want to be in a competition

  • 5/5 - watching the world cup made me want to manage soccer

  • 4/5 - Obviously these games should be seen as a whole, and as a whole I'd give the series a 5/5, this entry was a little short. But the story is phenomenal. Essential game for any fan of storytelling.

  • 3/5 - I never finished this game until this year. It was pretty ok. Hope Valkyria Chronicles 4 capitalizes on its good ideas better.

  • 4/5 - They should really embrace the "storytelling" of Civ, rather than trying to make challenging mechanics that are nonsense.

  • 1/5 - This game is a mixture of boring, broken and poorly designed. I gave it 6 hours of my time and nothing about it suggested there was some hidden gem below the miles of crap.

  • 5/5 - Fun in its purest sense. Loved playing this game and everything about it.