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Top 100 Favorite Games

Pretty straight forward: I like games. These are my favorites of those.

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  • Most people complain about San Andreas being "too much the same" when compared to the previous GTA games, but I don't care what they say. I think with the addition of gang wars, and the variety of different crazy missions you go on during the last island keeps the game fresh and a lot of fun. Every character is interesting and you want to know what happens to them, the gameplay is good for a GTA game, and the soundtrack is amazing. If you've never played San Andreas, I suggest checking it out.

  • Final Fantasy X is held in a special place in my heart, that part of my heart, makes me a complete pussy. There's really no logical reason for me to like this game. I mean look at it. The combat is turn based, with not flourishes of any sort to make it interesting, the game is completely linear and you can never stray far from the path you're forced to go down, and leveling up takes a long time. But I think it's the simplicity of this game that I loved so much. I often feel overwhelmed with all other RPGs and the various things you can do within them, FFX didn't have any of that. It introduced concepts slowly and steadily to the player which I loved. Also the story is truly amazing, which is the real reason I love this game so much. It's a long investment, but it's totally worth it. Play Final Fantasy X.

  • In reality "Starcraft" is the game getting this prize, but Brood War added a lot of central units to the game. Lurkers, Dark Templar, Medics, etc. This is a fantastic RTS game that's perfectly balanced while having large differences between each race. Different tactics are available for each race, allowing a lot of depth to this game. It might be hard to get into these days, but as soon as you get pretty good at the game you'll love it forever. Also the user created UMS maps are probably better than a lot of retail games out there. Truly one of the most amazing games ever released.

  • More often than not I see this industry prefer scripted events over emergent gameplay. My problem with that is scripted events happen the same way, every time for every person. There's no personality to it, or involvement of your actions. Hitman: Blood Money is the exact opposite of scripted, and it's god damn rad. To be fair, all the paths guards patrol and routes your target walks are in fact scripted, but where you decide to attack, how you'll kill your target, and anyone else in the level, that's up to you. I've spent dozens and dozens of hours in Hitman: Blood Money. Replaying levels for the hell of it, and attempting to get the Silent Assassin rating on every level. I got 1000 points in the Xbox360 version and have over 40 hours logged in the PC version. It's a great game that really accentuates each person's play style. Whether you choose to go down the stealth route or rip out 47's silverballers and go to town, either way the game is a blast to play.

  • I recently finished Bloodlines for the first time about a week ago and it's left a hell of an impression on me. This title went under the radar for many (myself included) primarily due to its PC exclusivity, being released in a time before Steam and developed by a somewhat unknown company with no marketing budget. Bloodlines received high average scores, with about an 80 on Metacritic, but that didn't save the developer Troika Studios from being shut down five months after the game's release. It's a damn shame because Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines could've been the stepping stone towards how Computer RPGs are today. This is a game that takes inspiration from Deus Ex's design. There are multiple skills and attributes that are all taken into account (stealth, hacking, lockpicking, social, seduction, etc.) for the various quests and side missions. Although the types of gameplay available are approachable to anyone who's played an RPG before, what makes Bloodlines stand out is its rich atmosphere of the underground vampire world. Differing race options change the game entirely. Maybe you'll be the blood mage Tremeres, or hideous looking Nosferatu who are forced to stick to sewers and out of sight. And of course there's the Malkavian race who have a case of incurably insanity, which makes all of their dialog interactions unique in their own right. I was really surprised by the number of options available in Bloodlines and it's prompted me to start playing the game again for a second and third time shortly after finishing my first playthrough. If you get a chance, pick up the Steam version of this game... just be sure to download the community patch as well so that it'll actually work :P (The developer getting closed down has a tendency to cease support for the game) --- This entry probably needs a lot of editing.

  • This pick has almost gotten cliche at this point, but its worth putting it on the list. Half Life 2 does everything you've heard it do. Tells a story through gameplay, environments, and subtly as opposed to blatant in your face cinematic or cut scenes. The gameplay set pieces and overall level design are fantastic throughout the entire game. I loved all the characters, the universe, the guns, the cities, and all the little things in between. Its truly a fantastic game and doesn't get enough credit, yes it gets credit, but this is a game that every gamer should play.

  • A lot of people might give me shit for this addition, but I truly think Crysis is one of the best first person shooters ever released. It's refreshing open ended gameplay allows a lot more tactical planning in the game, so you never approach a camp or base the same way twice. There are so many different variables with what can happen during your assault, so even though the game only has six or seven sections, they're all pretty long, and they're all really unique. The suit powers that you have are also a lot of fun to mess around with. The invisible cloak is a good way to mimic The Predator for some hilarious jungle fun. The game isn't as great in it's second half, but that first half of the game is just so amazing, I've played through it at least twenty times already. And of course, the graphics are amazing.