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First I will say I really like this game a lot. For me it is one of the better games of this whole generation. It sure is similar to Vegas 1 but if you go back and forth there are a number of very noticeable improvements all throughout, including gameplay. The shift in view is weird but I actually love because as a shooter fan it gives me some of the best of both worlds in an interesting way. The game also had a well done single character progression you carry all throughout 3 different modes which is cool and games don't do. The game also gave you great, repeatable co-op with Terrorist Hunt which was a bit silly and gamey in ways but still challenging and very unique.

I really liked this game a lot and wish it actually would have been more influential. The game also yes has a lighter tactical focus than the series had before but this is about as hardcore and tactical as mainstream shooters have gotten since. For example you just really never see squad mechanics these days (Wildlands is the first I can say I've noticed in a while and from what I hear it is extremely basic). I think the mix of tactical and speed it achieves, with a number of unique features, is really fun if it clicks with you. Maybe it didn't for you and/or the crowds that went to CoD (I'm not sure what you prefer) but I really enjoyed it.

If you expected a large leap then I suppose I get the negativity but at the same time I question what is so different in the CoD games coming out year to year there. I agree the game isn't that polished but I always had a lot of fun with these games and if you did and went back to them, like I did, Vegas 2 was a step up that was noticeable.

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If they released a Vegas 3 today that played more or less the same as the last one, I'd be very happy to make that purchase.

In a second. I have wanted it really bad for a long while now. I really enjoyed Terrorist Hunt in particular and like I mention in my post this game's mix of TPS and FPS is a bit odd but just really fun to me.

What you would hope for now is just bigger levels and that kind of thing. I would love to see what they would do with that single character progression and mix of modes today. And a game with the ability to direct a squad again would be cool as a guy who was always a fan of games like that (this, Freedom Fighters, Brothers in Arms, etc)

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1) Yeah many games inspired me to look into history. The Total War series through, Age of Empires (including specific historical characters they included), World War II shooters, and more.

2) Yes. I think Nioh and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun are two recent examples. Although Nioh gets fantastical, it has some great historically inspired design and nice environments. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun fits right in with my interest in Feudal Japan. These are just two examples and include different elements you can consider fantastical but I think they show how many examples you can find out there if you like history.

3) I really would not I have a preference in setting at all that way. I'm open to anything.

4) I am a big fan of history and do reading and study but I am not a historian.

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@humanity said:

How is it that every time anyone in the industry leaves their job people automatically think they will come to Giant Bomb?

*guy says he's leaving games journalism* "So when do you start at Giant Bomb West?"

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@ripelivejam said:

@artisanbreads: honestly i didn't think gaming docs were even a legit thing until danny started noclip. i can only think of king of kong off the top of my head otherwise. not really sure we're at a place where there are really niche gaming docs yet.

Yeah you're right that it's not developed. There was Indie Game the Movie, Outlands is still supposed to come out at some point. I saw some stuff Danny did at Gamespot that was about lifestyle type topics and I just don't have interest in that topic for the most part.

I guess to me I would just say paying for something like this to be made peace meal is not something I have any interest in. I might check out a final product if its recommended. Drew did some good edited/feature style stuff at GB before (Vinny as well) but the site went totally away from that.

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@isomeri said:

EDIT: Holy hell if the GB Premium subscription isn't a fantastic value at 5 bucks a month or 50 a year, considering that the jump-in point for Patreons like this is 3 dollars.

I have thought this for a while. I didn't get into patreon until recently and only for one podcast (Chapo Trap House) but I give them $5 a month for basically 4 podcasts. Which I don't feel bad about (I think we all take free content for granted and I like paying for good stuff) but if you compare to what GB gets me when I get it on sale for $35 it's a great deal and it feels like they should charge more.

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Personally I am not into gaming docs so much especially not when they are about "lifestyle" type things but I wish Drew the best of luck.

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Was Red Faction 2 disliked? I feel like I remember it was. I really enjoyed it.

I think it was pretty similar to the feeling on 1. If you really enjoyed either one of those I think you could say they were underrated. I thought 2 became more generic with the story but in every other way it was an improvement. I thought I and II were both pretty good games.

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@fisk0: oh what that was before I subscribed and I thought I had seen all of those segments but I missed this. Thanks man!

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I don't watch any playthrough stuff that isn't Giant Bomb but I quite enjoy "Game Club" format podcasts. Rebel FM's brief run, Dev Game Club, and Watch Out For Fireballs are podcasts I highly recommend. Also the Souls and Souls-like deep dive Bonfire Side Chat podcast. I'm glad that genre of podcast has grown because it is great. I wish Giant Bomb would regularly do one (the one they did for MGS4 is one of the best things they've ever done).