GOTY 2012

I do apologize for this list. I am a busy student and haven't had time to play a lot of video games this year. I have a break now and will try to play XCOM, FTL, Binary Domain, Don't Starve, Spec Ops: The Line, Miasmata, Far Cry 3, Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs, Borderlands 2, etc. Yeah, that will happen...

I'm sure that Crashmo, Darksiders II, Dear Esther and maybe AC3/MP3 would not have made it if I had played more games this year.

List items

  • I don't care that in the end the choices I made did not matter. The game did have its technical issues and I did have to reload episode 2 right after I started it. What did matter was the fact that the story was really good (not perfect) but most of all that I cared about the characters and that the developers weren't afraid to kill off characters. Even if it was horrible to witness.

  • This game... it's FANTASTIC. Probably the most exciting game this year, even if I couldn't finish all the puzzles without help. A true mystery to discover and a world to lose yourself in. Fuck I love this game.

  • Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay. Perfect gameplay. Stealth done well.

  • This game is not nearly as hard as Brad and Ryan make it out to be. I think I have around 200 medals and it wasen't THAT hard to get em. But it was indeed an awesomely good time. Again, great gameplay.

  • While I'm not saying this is the greatest game ever ever (as some people have) just because it is "artsy" and beautiful... it was still one of the most powerful experiences I've had this year and damn this game IS beautiful. I was really sad when I lost my first buddy :( We did so good together, solving puzzles, stopping to stare at the views... but then he disappeared. And then I had to play the rest of the game with 3 different jerks!

  • I did actually enjoy this game, despite the combat being not great and repetitive. The naval stuff was great, I liked Connor and Haytham, I liked the beginning with the new environments (playing as a kid in the forest) but most of all I LOVED the multiplayer. My favorite multiplayer of the year. Perhaps that is because I've never played the MP in any other AC before but it did feel really fresh and exciting to me.

  • Max Payne and Max Payne 2 are probably my favorite games of all time. OF ALL TIME. This game did dissapoint me since it was so different from the original Max Payne games. Honestly, I would have liked a Remedy clone better (probably) but I applaud Rockstar for trying to do something different. And holy shit are they good at making cool looking games! My favorite part is how smoothly the game goes from cutscene to action. I don't know many games that does that.

  • This is a fantastic game and I never played Pushmo. Great gameplay.

  • I really liked this game (great gameplay if a bit repetitive) but I hated the fact that they didn't do much with the story from the first game. I still think War was a cooler "hero". The sidequests were fun and I really loved the setting (especially the undead world).

  • This is not really a game and while I prefer gameplay over story (I like to read books, you know, paper things that actually have good story) this interactive "novel" was really cool. I enjoyed the mysticism and the setting immensely.