Top 15 Favourite Games (probably going to revise this later)

I don't by any means have anything too old on this list. Just a Top 15 Favourite List. The first three are my favourites in order, but anything after that is not.

Also Steel Lancer Arena International and Demon Souls would be on this list but are not found in the site.

List items

  • I loved this game because of the challenging nature of it. I heard that many people were returning it the next day after they had bought it, but this game has serious re playability. The fact that the textures on walls were the same pattern sort of bothered me, but because they spent less time making trees and unimportant things less good graphic-wise, it made the frequency of crashing much lower. I only crashed once. Demon Souls was definitely harder than this though. I really should write more because this game is so fucking fantastic!

  • First game I ever played on a major console. Incredible graphics and content. The mix of Final Fantasy and Disney was weird but enjoyable.

  • I first played this on an old PlayStation Magazine Demo (R.I.P.), and even though you could only play for a short amount of time, I definitely made it a priority to grab the full game later in the future. The game graphics were very crisp and clear, and the monster names were very well thought out, unlike Final Fantasy's. The game was quite long, and was a great game because you had to spend hours leveling up sometimes. If you beat the game and waited for the credits you could also play a bonus mode. Never beat bonus though

  • Rented this aeons ago at Blockbuster. Recently bought it again and replayed it. Great graphics for it's time. Just wish this got more recognition than it has. Probably the only good Ty game of the series.

  • I cannot express enough the quality of this game. Incredible quality lacking nothing, but sadly does not have the recognition it deserves. Interesting gameplay and many side missions to keep you busy for hours+. I highly recommend.

  • Incredible graphics and solid gameplay. Yet another farming/grinding game I really enjoy. Much more challenging than 13-2 and had to put 100+ hours in, and did not even finish levelling up all the way. 13-2's levelling system was a bit better..

  • I prefer this one over all the other Soul Calibur games. The Chronicles Of The Sword mode was great, and I liked that fact that each character had their own separate story in Tales Of Souls mode. I feel that each Soul Calibur game after this one started going downhill. Many things present in III have all disappeared in any recent releases:(

  • The battle system was a bit annoying, but the incredible cut scenes kept me interested. The fact that this was partly made by Studio Ghibli made it a game that I could go back to, as the graphics were really nice. There were also many side missions that kept you playing for hours more, some of which I think you had to beat the game to even get access to.

  • A game that if you start it, you can never stop. Once I start it, I do not stop until I practically pass out. A truly unique game.

  • Played red years ago and then played it again on Virtual Boy Advance Emulation Software. Not a big fan of Pokemon but this game was really enjoyable. Great music and graphical quality for such an old game. Probably the only GB game that I have ever really enjoyed.

  • I loved the classical feel and challenge of this game. I did miss rapture though, and we got see a little bit of it at the end of the game. EXTREMELY confusing storyline though.

  • Playing it now. Really amazing and unique graphics. Great customization and unique weapons as well. Much better than Borderlands 1.

  • Way better than any recent Katamari game, this game holds great graphics, music, and many hours of play. Even when you have beaten it, you have not truly beaten it unless you have rolled up everything.

  • I downloaded this as a free PSN Membership game. The graphics were surprisingly incredible and very colourful. The music was really good and the character mechanics were great, in terms of how the character moved.

  • Not many memories of this game. I first played it on an old Playstation Magazine Demo Disc. I liked this one more than the recent ones.