Games I own, but have yet to beat/play.

So I am pretty odd when it comes to video games. I get very interested in something about a game and buy it and can't wait to play it, and then for whatever reason...I don't. I mean, I haven't even cracked open the shrink wrap for some of these. It's disgusting, really. I also tend to play maybe a couple hours into games and, for whatever reason, make an excuse to set them aside. I've got some great, sometimes critically acclaimed games I have yet to play or beat, so I decided  to make a list of them here so I can keep track of what I would like to get through. 
Note: I actually left a couple out, because I didn't like them and don't plan on playing them again. These are all ones I'd like to get through at some point in time. I've got a year or so before grad school...maybe I can do it! : )

List items