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Does anyone else have issues with the little red bar at the bottom of the videos they've watched? Sometimes I'll watch a video and the bar doesn't show up. So it would be nice if that was a little better at keeping track of that. Especially for shows that are episodic (most recently Mass Alex), because it's sometimes weeks before I'm able to get back to a show and then I have to click through a few videos before recalling which episode I was up to date on. Other than that I love the new site design!!

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The first siege mission in this game doesn't seem to work for me. I star the mission, get to the siege assault force screen press start and get to the loading screen. That's as far as it goes. I've left it for upwards of 10 minutes and it just won't proceed past the loading screen. Anyone else have this issue? I'm on PS4.

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:( sad to see him go but best of luck at vice! will definitely be keeping an eye on whatever he does over there :)

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i loved it for the story and characters. where i was disappointed was with all the climbing and encounter bits. i thought there could have been a lot less of that and more slower story paced scenes. i was just trying to get through that stuff as quickly as possible so i could get to the next cut scene. chapter 4 and the epilogue were my two favorite parts of the game and are up there with the franchise as a whole. having come so far with these characters (how many years since uncharted 1 came out?), the story and how they ended up was all i really cared about. i'll probably go back and play through it again on the easy difficulty setting just for the story. as a story it's top of the class but as a game in the strictest sense i don't see it contending for game of the year

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i thought it was a great way to end a game based on pyrates! camera was a little finicky at times but i found the timing wasn't that bad. you don't have to be too quick to hit the buttons. they give you a good amount of time to watch the direction hes coming from and then press the button

very thankful there wasn't some stupid mystical enemy like in the previous 3 games

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This looks incredible! can't wait to hear what the guys think of this. i'm behind on bombcasts and I recall recently listening to one from maybe february or march where jeff and drew said they were actually ready for these kind of games (battlefield/cod) to go back to the world war settings. i think drew even mentioned how pumped he would be for a better ww1 game after he kinda enjoyed verdun

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Just cancelled my pre-order. Was really excited for this one being a huge star wars kid back in the day but there were just too many things I didn't like about it that made the $80 CAD not worth it. This was the first game I've pre-ordered in years but I feel good about cancelling it now. I have a lot of the same issues as I've read on this thread but here's a few things I really didn't like:

  • air vehicle controls
  • unbalanced hoth
  • terrible and inconsistent partner spawning
  • scope of guns were pretty much useless and I found I was getting more kills and head-shots without aiming down the sights which
  • the fact that I was getting killed from so far away the pistol or whatever it was called - thing seemed too powerful
  • the way you pick up powerups

Overall the thing I found most frustrating is something I really can't blame the game for. It's the constant games I would get into where other players weren't playing for the objectives and just going for a good K-D ratio. This is a huge problem on both maps because it requires players to hold the pods or keep the up-links online and so many times I would find myself being the only player around an up-link or a pod. That pissed me off more than anything as I would run past team mates hiding up on a rock with the sniper rifle while I'm making my way to the objective. So maybe it's not Battlefront I'm done with but this kind of objective based mode in general. I don't know. It looks and sounds amazing but for me the gameplay was sub-par. Cancelled my pre-order this morning and don't regret it.

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Maybe. If I had the chance to play it tonight. Was hoping to get in a few hours after work but the fucking thing took/is taking hours to download to my PS4 even though it keeps saying 30 minutes haha. Anyways couldn't wait any longer so i just left it running, we'll see by morning. From the beta footage I've seen it has been quite underwhelming but maybe that's just because I've seen way to much of the Hoth level. Agreed that the air vehicles don't seem to be that great, and the matches seem to be domination by one team (haven't seen any close ones) and the jedi power ups look almost comical to me. Ahhh! I don't know!! I pre-ordered it because I grew up with the original trilogy and I love most things star wars. Hell, all I needed to hear was that john williams score and I was in, but now I may have to see what the reviews say, or at least hear what the GB team has to say once they do a proper Quick Look of the final version and talk about their thoughts on the Bomb&Beast casts. Might be returning it once the pre-order arrives, but we shall see.

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Looking forward to playing Broken Age after all the positive talk I heard on the GOTY2014 podcasts, think it was from Vinny in particular. Regardless, the story is supposed to make the game!

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    so frustrating watching patrick try to handle bowser at the beginning haha, i wanted to yell through the screen that he could just run through the trampolines instead of jumping