Shallow Vita Impressions

I've had my Vita for just under 7 hours and have had it with me or beside me the entire time. Following my post on why I was excited for the Vita, I thought I'd give a few quick hit, from the hip impressions.

  • It's both a good size and a bit too small for my big hands. I don't feel like I have my hands cramped up playing it like I used to with a PSP, but the non-touch sensitive area on the back seems to be a little small for a big guy with big hands. If a game doesn't use rear touch, no problem. But I anticipate we'll see a LOT of launch and first party titles trying to take advantage of all the capabilities.
  • I need a soft cloth. The Vita's pretty, but it attracts fingerprints like a glossy black piece of tech tends to do. When I look for a case, maybe I'll try to find a package deal with a case, cloth, and some other trinkets I don't really need.
  • The download speeds have been pretty zippy. My major gripe with Sony is the frequency of firmware/title updates and how slowly they download on my PS3s. Granted, one if about as far from the wireless router as it can be with no line of sight, but the other is not. With the Vita so far, firmware, apps, and a Wipeout 2048 title update have downloaded pretty quickly. Not at all what I expected on launch day with a lot of people probably banging on the servers.
  • So far, I find near fascinating but confusing. I'm not really sure how to use it "right" or "best," but I love tapping around in it seeing what I can find near me. I have the manual favorited on the web browser, so I will RTFM at some point, soon, because I don't think I'm going to just pick this up like most apps. If it wasn't so damn interesting, I'd probably just bag it.
  • Netflix runs like a dream once you get past the horrible UI. Watched a full episode of Bones with no buffering or frame rate issues or hiccups. This will be a nice option until the iPad 3 hits.
  • Oh yeah, it plays games. I've only played a three or four races of Wipeout so far, but snagged that, Hot Shots, Mod Nation Racers, Little Deviants, Uncharted, and Lumines thanks to various Buy 2 Get 1 sales. Wipeout's fun, but the load times are ASS. I'm going to try some Hot Shots later tonight for sure, so hopefully that's title specific.
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing how buying a full title works out. I know it should be old hat by now, but I want to see first hand how the download process goes for a full title and how much mem card space I have to sacrifice.

My big two anticipated releases are still The Show and MK, and my experience, albeit limited, with the Vita hasn't dampened my enthusiasm yet. We'll see how I feel in a few days after trying out more of what matters: the games.