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@rorie: Video embedded, if that was the test. Also, I'd love to see more of your free-to-play game write-ups as I"m always looking for something to play when I have 10-20 minutes!

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I'm really enjoying my time playing Breath of the Wild so far; I"ve been able to get into it like I haven't with some previous Zelda games like Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, and it's clearly due to the way the game gives you tools, opens up, and says "Go." But I"m kind of at a point where I don't know what I'm doing, and it feels relatively early.

I get the story - it's been beaten into my head. I understand what happened 100 years ago, and the steps everyone is telling me I need to take to defeat Calamity Gannon. But I feel so weak and underpowered, and all my main quests seem completely insurmountable. Am I supposed to just wander around looking for shrines to gain more hearts and seeing what I run into along the way? Kinda hope I run into the memory locations? I see all kinds of people recommending that you turn off the HUD and Shrine finder and it just boggles my mind to try playing that way. I can see the appeal of getting lost in the world, but I feel like I"d just be wandering around waiting to get killed by the next trash mob I run into.

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Nickname: Asmo917

FC: 1685-9891-9880

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Bummed, excited, etc, like everyone else. But I'm also glad I can report elusively that Drew's next gig is transforming into a being of pure light and energy and ascending into the clouds. We all knew it would happen; the flying lessons were just a ruse.

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I'm enjoying this, but didn't get the memo on re rolling, so I'm using fairly unimpressive 1-3 star characters I've leveled up through battles. I have one character at 3 bronze stars and leveled up somewhere around 13-15. I just got a one star silver of the same character. What's the optimal way to handle this? Do I feed the 3 star bronze to the one star silver? I do I keep the leveled bronze and feed the silver to it? I get that losing a higher star character will increase the stats for the silver character in this case, but what does the bronze/silver/gold tier really mean?

I hate that I'm enjoying this. I know it's not great.

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The Good Guys. Mid 2000s series on Fox with Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks as mismatched cops in Dallas. Got one season, was far from perfect, but had some flashes of brilliance and sharp comedy. Also a real earworm of a theme song from Locksley.

The Baseball Bunch: early/mid 80s show that taught baseball fundamentals with Johnny Bench, a pro guest of the week, and a cast of little leaguers (Edit: oh yeah, and TOMMY FUCKING LASORDA appearing on a chalkboard as the disembodied head of The Baseball Wizard). My honest-to-god White Whale of online video is a copy of an episode they did just before or after Bench retired, and they did a musical tribute to him set to Warren Zevon's "When Johnny Strikes Up the Band." I can't explain why, but I would KILL to have a copy of that video.

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Thanks everyon, especially @mezza. I'm Asmo917#1312 if you want to add me, as I'll probably be playing a bit this long weekend. I've run 8-9 bounty series to start collecting act mats but still feel like I have a shirt on to learn about builds and optimal gear. Also, I'm a filthy casual so please don't invite me to groups where people will care when I fuck up :)

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Last week's UPF and the vague knowledge I've had a for a few years that Diablo III had become this living thing through seasons and updates convinced me to jump back in. I finally finished Act V and got my main (and only PC) character, a barbarian, to Level 70 and have completed a three or four bounty series to earn the cubes/caches. I'm reading up on Paragon levels and Nephalem rifts, but I'm wondering what should I know that I don't know I need to look into? Endgame content for games like this always seems daunting, like there's ONE way to play "correctly," but I just want to kill some shit by clicking and get things with better numbers or craft things with better numbers so I can kill more things to get more things what got better numbers and so on and so on.

Who's kept up with D3 and has tips for enjoying the endgame?

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@darth_navster: I knew very little going into Wolf and it inspired me to read the first two volumes. I think you'd enjoy it based on what you've said about Batman - the focus is more on investigation, interrogation, and choices as opposed to QTEs. If you know the basics of fairy tales, you know enough to enjoy those characters in a noir-ish dirty 1980's New York.

I think I missed the scene you're referring to in the spoiler quote, but I'm not sure. Or was it the scene in the Wayne boardroom where Penguin foils that tech? I honestly don't even remember how they justify that. There were some weak links in that story that felt like they were padding things out to hit five episodes, which I think is another consistent Telltale weakness.

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Excellent and timely (for me!) write up on the series. I just finished it over my holiday break, and shared a lot of your opinions.

My history with Telltale is similar, although I played Fables and the first episode of Game of Thrones in addition to The Walking Dead Season 1 before saying "That's quite enough, Telltale." I also think I'll eventually play Tales from the Borderlands, because the writing is apparently pretty good, and I've never come to these games for anything other than story. I didn't have the technical issues you did - frame rate is a serious bummer consistently and I had one crash at the final choices summary screen of episode 2, but I never shook the feeling I was playing with a time bomb.

And for as much as I slag on Telltale's gameplay, the investigation and attack planning at least changed things up a little bit and probably kept me moving through the series. I also felt like this was the first of their games where I needed more time to consider my actions and try to think about how the next dominos would fall, but that plays in nicely to the The Wire comparison I wouldn't have considered. All the pieces matter, indeed, but you're also on a pretty unforgiving clock in some cases.

I'm both intrigued for a Season 2, but a little disappointed they so clearly set the stage for the obvious big bad guy. Batman stories are, I think, at their best when they use more of the rogue's gallery. In fact, I think I'm going to go read Hush.