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  • Jonathan Blow.

  • Stealth (I love stealth!) puzzle game that lets you rewire levels to trick people, made by PC Gamer writer. Coming near July 2012.

  • Aerial bird-racing action game with origami art style, from the developers of AND YET IT MOVES!

  • Won Grand Prize at IGF 2012. Where landscapes and objects only EXIST when your light is shone on them, and you can erase objects from existence by shrouding them in darkness. A bit like Alan Wake, but as a 2D puzzler.

  • Played the demo of this a while ago, blew my mind with the level design and clever sardonic humor.

  • Yes, another puzzle platformer but it's by the ex-Bionic Commando Rearmed guys.

  • The Behemoth (Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers) were the first indie developers I fell in love with from their Newgrounds start.

    Also, DAN "If you're not Indie, FUCK YOU" PALADIN!

  • Doesn't feel as original as when it was first announced, but still have a feeling it'll be the best 2D/3D puzzler.

  • Do I want my mind blown? Of course! Reminds me of BRAINPIPE, which you all must play. Just be aware, the last level is bad for epileptics. Jeff Cannata was all over this game during GDC 2012.

  • I love shadows! I love the art deco look. Hopefully fares better than Lost in Shadow.

  • "Pacman meets Hitman". Won IGF 2010.

  • The next point-and-click game from Machinarium dudes. Exploring a tree with 150 screens, sounds great since I love the little adventure stuff (Arrietty, Honey Shrunk the Kids, And Yet It Moves).

  • Amnesia-like horror adventure game where you play a thief stuck in an office complex. Made by ONE dude.