Games I played in 2020

List items

  • Incredibly fun. Only did the Yunica path.

  • Played episodes as they came out over 7 years. There were some interesting set pieces throughout the acts, weird for the sake of being weird. There were neat moments but I wonder if they were "neat" because the rest of the game is so boring. Very short Act V, made me doze off a few times. Cute cat, random dialogue as usual - choices seem inconsequential. Pretty ending, but extremely disappointed there wasn't more. No real resolution to anything. Not recommended.

  • I loved Control so much that I had to go back and play Quantum Break. I generally enjoyed it a lot. I played this on my PC with mouse and keyboard. After the story made some turns, I had to stop and read all the emails and soak in the episodes because I was hooked after a few hours. The controls seemed to lag a little even at constant 60 fps. I had trouble nailing precise shots, but I think Remedy means for us to miss sometimes due to the time-shifting effects. I hated some of the check-pointing, especially around bosses, where it would set you back so far sometimes that you'd have to watch multiple cut-scenes over and over. It was so frustrating I ended up cheating my way through some parts of Normal mode because honestly I didn't care for the combat much even though it looked cool. The combat for me was merely a means to absorb more of the story. I should have played it on Easy instead of Normal. I wish there was more to explore in the world and more of the setting to enjoy. The exploration was often limited to small rooms or floors of buildings. It would've been cool to run around town a little bit, maybe like Deus Ex rather than full-blown Assassin's Creed. They make good on some of the exploration in their next game, Control, but Quantum Break is a little lacking. I loved the story though and the game was gorgeous even 4 years later, the performances were fantastic, and the sound design was unparalleled. Overall, a great experience, but not perfect.

  • Decent game, much longer and more expansive than previous Ys titles.

  • New Warlords of New York expansion, played with Kim, Bruce, and Mike weekly.

  • Starting with Halo CE, started playing it with Bruce. Played Halo 2 with him, and Halo 3 with him and Kim too! Good times.

  • I got addicted to this with MK11.

  • Fantastic, though not perfect. I find some of the extra spirit challenges in the game lacking. The story progression and everything else is top notch.

  • 200 hours! Yeah, I liked it, but the ending for the Fate of Atlantis was a little too loose for my tastes. I guess they don't know when you'll necessarily play the expansions. The many systems in AC Odyssey are pretty great. I ended up liking the mercenary (nemesis) system quite a bit. It kept me on my toes, like few games do.

  • The VR mode is great.

  • Played through again on the PC, finished all the DLC content too.

  • PC Version is good.

  • Great game. I was turned off by this years ago on the PSP, but I played it again on the PC and I really enjoyed it. Bosses are very frustrating throughout the game on normal difficulty due to their insane amount of hit points, but after the party matures with some decent skills, the bosses later on ijn the story aren't as big of a problem. I would say some grinding is required for new players, but the grinding is generally fun due to the fast pace and fun SP loop. The story has some tear-jerking moments, and is basic but fun.

  • Fun puzzler that I finished in a couple of sittings.

  • Decent narrative, beautiful graphics and music. Early ray-tracing game and it looks great. Gameplay is basic and often subpar. There always seems to be a timer in things you do as a way to add challenge, but is really just frustrating for a game like this. Tacoma is a much better one of these games, but this one was still worth it for the sci-fi story.

  • Very pleasant and more engaging than I thought it would be, despite the lack of any sort of challenge really. Lots of heart.

  • Awesome VR arcade game

  • Not as fun as Polybius, but still cool.

  • Great game when it works. Crashes have kept me from finishing it.

  • Man I hate the Bracer quests that show up as "failed" when you don't end up talking to the right NPC to start it at a specific point in the story. This is a problem with these Trails games because it's disappointing and puts me in a bad mood because I'm not going to redo hours of the game just to get maximum Bracer points.

  • Surprisingly still a great time for the original loot shooter series, despite the idiotic characters. Played with Kim and Bruce.

  • Expansions

  • Maybe the most amazing game of the year.

  • Really enjoyed the playthrough. I didn't feel compelled to get 100% completion though. It's a little awkward controlling the creature, but it could be a deliberate choice because of the form it takes on screen. It's an unusual creature. I played with keyboard and mouse on PC Xbox Game Pass. The mouse is perfect for picking things up and flipping switches. Atmosphere is amazing, music is perfect for the horror going on here. The difficulty was generally a good ramp as you get better abilities and constitution. There is no map, so there were times where I got lost and didn't know how to progress, but those cases were few.

  • Turbo CD version this time. Still pretty fun though the Chronicles version is ultimately a better way to play this. Awesome music on the disc. Playing on MiSTer.

  • Played the disc version on PS2 on an OSSC. I started on the Vita and was able to transfer to PS3 and save to a PS1 memory card. Found a PS2 wireless adapter and used a PS4 controller. Great way to play this, looks really sharp and bright on PS2 240p. Not a masterpiece, due to the bad translations, graphics are merely okay, but I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.

  • Awesome game, one of the best action RPGs around, although not always perfect.

    The raids sprinkled throughout the story are generally not very fun until the party is powerful enough to lay waste to all but the biggest and most powerful primordials. Hunts also became fun at the end of the game, but frustrating earlier on. There are quests that one can fail due to expiration! I didn't realize I had failed one until I had played several hours beyond it, and I didn't bother reloading the game and playing everything over again to accomplish it. This expiration was particularly arbitrary as well for a side character. I hate Falcom's affinity for quests with expirations.

    Still, the action is fast-paced, the characters are great, and you feel truly powerful by the end of the game and the game continues to throw difficult enemies at you. Tons of exploration, very satisfying to complete everything. Easily the best Ys game in the series and by far the longest. Great game to play in 2020.

  • Very fun online game, reminds me a little of the way Trackmania does its online.

  • Digging into it Jan 1, 2020. Thinker route. Occasional misspelling and bad grammar can be jarring. Also a little too full of itself. No camera control and, very slow walk speed. Most point-and-click adventures are much better. Dumb game over screens for stupid dialogue choices. Frustrating, must get better as I level up. Hoping for a patch, but I'm playing it months after it has been out on PC.

  • I like it, but finding the exact sequence of actions you need to perform is maddening. One mistake and you have to do the whole thing over and over and over. In the end I was more annoyed than thrilled, but it's a nice VR game overall if trial and error is your thing.