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Quantum Break: Phenomenal story, Mediocre combat, bad checkpoints 0

I loved Remedy's Control so much that I had to go back and play Quantum Break. I generally enjoyed Quantum Break a lot. I played this on my PC with mouse and keyboard.I didn't stop to read everything at first, but after the story made some turns, I had to stop and read all the emails and soak in the episodes because I was hooked. In my opinion, Quantum Break is up there with some of the better time travel stories. Even the FMV episodes didn't bother me, and in fact I generally enjoyed them as it...

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Maybe the best 3DS game ... even in 2016 0

I'm a fan of RPGs, but I would say that my enthusiasm for Shin Megami Tensei is recent even though I've known about the series for quite some time. Persona 3 was fantastic and I have been trudging through Persona 4 Golden on and off for the past 3 years, but even though it has personality, I'm just not into it as much as I'd like to be. Shin Megami Tensei IV is the game that did it for me, and I'm excited to play SMT4 Apocalypse soon as well.There's a lot that feels dated and low-budget, like...

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On Par -- if not Better than -- the Portal Series 0

The Talos Priniciple is truly a wonderful game. When I started playing, I had a hard time quitting for several nights in a row, and I usually have several games I rotate through, like right now: Fallout 4, Xenoblade, Pillars Of Eternity, and Invisible, Inc. When I loaded up Talos once to "try" it, I looked at the clock and it was 6 hours later, and all week long I had forgotten about those other games. It's one of those games where the progress felt really good, and the puzzles were like corn do...

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One of the best tactical strategy games in years 0

There has been a fair amount of coverage of Invisible, Inc. here on Giant Bomb, so I won't try to rehash too much, but I would like to add my voice briefly to recommend this game.A quick review of the gameplay: The player picks two agents among team members that have different abilities. As you play the game, two more agents become rescued and are added to your infiltration missions during the current playthrough. (You will also unlock agents to use at the start of your next game when you fini...

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A Brief Criticism of Undertale 0

I might be in the minority of folks that actively dislikes this game.I don't understand the affection for this one. Maybe someone like me in their 30's just doesn't get it. The music is pretty good, but it's not award-winning in my opinion. There are some clever jokes and moments in the game. I'm impressed that one person accomplished all of this even though it did not resonate with me. The writing tries very hard to be funny, but most of it fell flat. It seems like humor that a teenager wo...

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Brief Criticism of Grow Home 0

I was really expecting to like this game. I like inventive games and new ideas. It's got a great style and premise, and it tries some new things, but in reality it's not a great experience. That wasn't to say I didn't like some things about the game. What I did like was the art and the idea that the player has some agency in how the red flower shoots grow, changing the world somewhat in the process. What I didn't like were the poor controls the mundane world, and the lack of an interesting st...

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Certainly worth a playthrough 0

I'd like to add my voice to some others out there about Final Fantasy XIII-2. I'm not going to reiterate the game mechanics and content so much as I'll highlight some of the things I liked and didn't like about it.First off, the story is serviceable for a Final Fantasy video game I don't think it stands out as one of the greats, but it certainly isn't terrible. It's a continuation of the world-ending plot that FFXIII started, but this time it's Serah and Noel's perspective. Aside from a few mome...

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Raises some neat thoughts but doesn't deliver on anything 0

I bought into a Steam sale to play this since I had heard a lot about Thirty Flights of Loving from game journalists all over. It has an 88/100 metacritic score currently, which I absolutely do not understand, as I don't know how you could recommend this to anyone (maybe potential game designers?). I am mad that I wasted an hour on TFOL and Gravity Bone. I read the developer commentary (essentially another run through the game) to see if I missed anything, but nothing was missed.One of the big t...

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RTS Vet underwhelmed by lack of innovation in SC2 0

 Don't get me wrong, this game is presented well, and has a good-looking package and streamlined interface, but after being spoiled by many other RTS games over the past 12 years, I'm surprised Blizzard didn't do more with the actual gameplay and game setup. On the plus side, they didn't break anything related to the original gameplay.I played a lot of Starcraft when it came out in '98. I couldn't afford it at the time, but a dorm buddy of mine down the hall let me spawn a copy of it so we could...

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