Resident Evil: Code Veronica Podcast Parts 1, 2 and 3!

I'm knee deep into playing through Resident Evil: Code Veronica and recording it for my ListenToMePlay podcasts on my website. I've already recorded part 4 and will be doing part 5 (which will hopefully include the ending) today. So they will be up soon along with my review!

ListenToMePlayGames Resident Evil: Code Veronica Part 1

ListenToMePlay Resident Evil: Code Veronica Part 2

In this podcast, we continue to explore the Island Prison with Claire Redfield. We learn about the mysterious Ashford family and the creepy, incestuous siblings known as Alfred and Alexia. We also battle some strange, crazy, evil Mutants, find explosive rounds for our Bow Gun Bolts, get trapped by Alfred, we solve a complicated Ashford Family Succession puzzle where you must hit the photos in the correct order, explore a large portion of the Training Center, enter the sewers and underground passages below it and we play as Steve!

ListenToMePlay Resident Evil: Code Veronica Part 3

In this podcast, we discover the hiding place of Alexia Ashford in a creepy House-On-A-Haunted-Hill full of eerie dolls, we meet Alexander and his sister in person for the first time, solve a Music Box Puzzle, ride a submarine and explore an airport, discover a gruesome torture room, ride a marry-go-round, take a plane to evacuate the island, explore the Arctic Facility, get the electricity going at said Facility, watch awkward love scenes between Claire and Steve, and face-off against our first real Boss Fight.