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A Step Backwards from the Original 0

There were a good number of critics and skeptics who didn’t think Castlevania: Lords of Shadow lived up to the long running series, or just wasn’t that great on its own. Me personally, I really loved the original Lords of Shadow. I even enjoyed what the developers did with its follow up, Mirror of Fate, (which I only played on consoles, not the 3DS). Considering how ridiculous the original Castlevania timeline was getting, I didn’t think a reboot was a bad idea. Especially sin...

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A fast paced first person shooter that serves as a fantastic throwback to an earlier time. 0

The early to mid 90's was a magical time indeed for PC gaming. One of the biggest names at the time was Apogee Software who was responsible for the original Duke Nukem side scrolling games among other things. One of their games Rise of the Triad from 1994 was a first person shooter that was originally intended to be a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D. One thing lead to another and the game took a life of it's own as an over the top arcade like shooter. After almost two decades Apogee has returned with ...

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