Best of 2011

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  • Great minimalist story, fun action, and grueling challenges. This was everything I wanted from the sequel.

  • This could easily tie with first as this was as much fun as Dark Souls. I have mixed feelings on wanting another sequel or having this be the end of Glados and Chell.

  • I love cyberpunk and I love stealth games and this mixed the two into a very William Gibson style. There was little chance of me not enjoying this game.

  • The story isn't as strong as the original but the additions to the combat and the new play styles from Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin make this a worthy successor.

  • This game made me enjoy the single player story line experience of a fighting game. I'm still in awe.

  • Though I don't believe it matches up to what I expected from the sequel to inFamous, it was still a great ride.

  • This game is such a joy to play when they're not throwing a challenge at you. When there is a challenge, you sort of have two choices: play with some friends or play the cheapest style possible.

  • I still can't get past how much I love the narration in this game and it's connections to the play style of Secret of Mana that I still miss. My problems with the game are that an isometric action game is rather difficult to play with a keyboard and mouse.

  • It's exactly what I wanted out of Minecraft but didn't get. I still need to spend more time in the world but I have no doubts of it being enjoyable.

  • My first foray into the world of Elder Scrolls and though it didn't excite me as much as Fallout 3 it did have staying power. Its greatest downfall was probably the questionable combat immediately after playing Dark Souls.