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An aesthetic charm! 0

Point-and-click adventure games have been enjoying some reasonable popularity on the Xbox Live Arcade service as of late with classic titles such as Sam & Max and The Secret of Monkey Island. I’ve always enjoyed this genre but have never really appreciated them fully until recently, which was why I was quite excited when 2K Play released Axel & Pixel onto XBLA.Axel & Pixel is a family friendly adventure title set in a dreamy fantasy world. Axel, the artist, and his adorably overweigh...

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Batman's Greatest Game Ever 0

We can all admit Batman’s previous appearances in the gaming world were never all that impressive. So it was weird to be quite excited about his latest gritty outing in Arkham Asylum. Rather than produce a game version of the Dark Knight’s latest movie, Rocksteady had created a third-person action game that was not only special to Batman fans but also to gamers as a whole. After only 20 minutes of popping in Arkham Asylum into my Xbox 360 and loading up the title I realised that this was not onl...

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An Arcade game with Serious Polish and Replayability. 1

There is something about buying arcade games lately that leaves me expecting nothing more than a simple, quick title. It’s usually an impulse buy, something to play while I wait for friends to come online or a quick distraction from a busy day. Which is why I was honestly shocked around half way in Shadow Complex with how much this game has to offer, and how much realistically I was going to end up replaying it.Everyone is going to tell you that Shadow Complex is a Super Metroid and Castlevania ...

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A Colourful but Bland Puzzler 0

With production values of arcade games on the rise and more serious stories to be told, it’s nice to sit back and enjoy a simple arcade puzzler. Gel: Set & Match appears to be a no nonsense Tetris-like platformer full of bright colours and simplistic gameplay for anyone who needs a quick break from the daily grind.Gel is all about bringing together coloured blocks to break them, the only difference is that you control a cartoony aardvark like creature to push and pull the blocks around. The ...

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A good time killer but nothing special. 0

Welcome to Ancaria home of T-Energy and dungeon running dreams. If collecting loot, grinding levels and completing quests is your cup of tea, then you are going to be enjoying a couple hundred hours running around this rather colourful and open world. Boasting over 500 quests, a whole range of characters and a plethora of spells to choose from, as well as online co-op and PVP, Sacred 2 is shaping up to be quite a promising title. Does all this really deliver on the Xbox 360 version of the title ...

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Adorable, fun and simple but so addictive. 1

We can all admit that the 'match-up' puzzle game market is pretty saturated right now, but that's not to say you should stop paying attention. Yosumin Live is an arcade port of browser based web game Yosumin, which originally released on Japanese web game website @nifty - later releasing on the Nintendo DS only in Japan. It's a simple 'make four ends meet' puzzler with an extremely cute after taste to keep you amused. Rather than knocking off Bejewelled completely, Yosumin Live works by observin...

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Old and Unpolished. 0

Arkanoid was one of the first few games I played when I was very young; I vividly remember pushing a black and red joystick side to side whilst getting feverishly frustrated with that bouncing ball.  Why it never goes in the direction I want it to I will never know! It seemed that along with Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid Live was looking to be a joyous little addition to the Xbox LIVE Arcade library.  I’d be surprised if you have not ever played a type of Arkanoid or Breakout before. For for...

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Death could of been much sweeter. 0

It’s always refreshing to see a game without a number or subtitle on the box, especially a good old stealth title. Snake has grown old and Splinter Cell Conviction is taking too dammed long to get released, so anything to keep the genre going is welcome. Which is why Velvet Assassin has been a particular title I have been looking forward to. You take on the role of Violette Summer, who is based roughly on Violette Szabo a WWII British secret agent. Your mission is to break down the German war ma...

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A single player to die for 5

Horror has always been a factor many games get wrong and so very few get right. You can name a few titles that do horror very well, but how many of them have truly made you jump in your seat? With Silent Hill Homecoming not even making me twitch and Resident Evil 5 working harder towards becoming an action game and slowly leaving its survival horror roots behind, few titles are really keeping horror fresh and frightening. Bring in F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin, an FPS with a psychic thriller twist th...

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Short but certainly sweet! 1

Resident Evil 4 is probably one of the most celebrated Resident Evil games to date, let alone one of the best 'last-gen' games I remember. So when Resident Evil 5 arrived, there were some rather big boots to fill. I had some concerns as to how Capcom were going to wrap up the story. The big question is if this popular franchise can really cope going next gen. Silent Hill Homecoming has not done so well and we have yet to see another Project Zero or Parasite Eve in the UK.I am a huge fan of the s...

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Beautifully lackluster 0

I’ll admit to never touching a Prince of Persia game before in my life. Which is probably good in the case of this review as the newest PoP is so different compared to its predecessors. Complimented by a completely new art direction and its easier style of gameplay, has Ubisoft given PoP the refresh fans were looking for? Or has the attempt to widen the core audience by removing the "game over" screens done more damage than good?After loosing your recognisably named Donkey ‘Farah’ and getting ca...

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Lara's first 'Next Gen' outing is a good one 1

Let’s face it; Crystal Dynamics are doing a great job reviving Lara Croft’s previously dwindling reputation. After disappointing fans with Angel of Darkness; Legend and Anniversary were just the refresh the franchise needed. Both titles left me content and eager to see where Crystal would take Lara next. With Underworld being Lara’s true ‘next gen’ adventure and a tie up of unanswered questions in previous titles, will fans be satisfied with a reinvented Lara or is it time we tuck the old girl t...

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