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Picked this up yesterday on release, about eight hours in now. So far, it seems like it holds up pretty well. Yuri seems even a bit snarkier than I remember him, which is a good thing.

The combat doesn't seem quite as engaging as I remember it. I'm sure that has partly to do with the fact that it's still relatively early and my options are more limited, but I also think the combat in Tales games has been the one aspect that's continued to improve over the years, much as this is my favorite set of characters and favorite entry overall.

I ran into some frustrating hiccups early on, but to be fair, they were mostly my fault. One was where I accidentally set the control style to manual instead of semi-auto, and was confused as to why my Yuri was randomly jumping and also not targeting enemies effectively. The other was when I couldn't find the way out of the palace with Estelle. I straight up missed seeing the right path for like 45 minutes and kept running around in circles. Self-inflicted wounds aside, that one wolf-like boss in the woods about 5-6 hours in is still tuned way too hard. But those are pretty much my only complaints.

I've already run into some of the replacement voicework, where Grant George is doing his best Troy Baker impression. It's more noticeable in some scenes than others. For the most part I find I can ignore the issue if I'm not specifically listening for the difference.

I'm appreciating all over again the skill system that I believe they ripped off of FFIX, in which skills are attached to weapons, and if you use a weapon enough in battle, you learn the skill permanently. The reason it's so smart is that it encourages grinding in bite-sized chunks: grind a bit until you've learned all your skills from your current weapons, then move forward and get new ones. Very smart way to encourage that little bit of grinding here and there and also encourage you to move the story along to access new weapons with new skills.

Very much enjoying all the skits, too. They're another staple of the Tales series that's just so good at delivering fun character moments that may or may not have anything to do with the story. You get so much of the personality from those things.

Pretty sure I'll end up playing it all the way through without a lot of breaks for other games. The question is whether I'll immediately want to go through a NG+ with maxed out stuff from the GRADE store, which is what happened when I first played the game way back in 2008. We shall see!

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I always had a fondness of the Carpaceons in particular, so if Daimyo Hermitaur and Shogun Ceanataur were to show up, I would be thrilled.

I'm a lance main, so I have fond memories of farming Hermitaur in the other games because he was usually a pretty decent early Guard armor. Him and Barroth. Would definitely love to see Hermitaur back. Ceanataur is cool, too. There are certainly a lot of monsters I'd like to see return.

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@cmblasko said:

@dgtlty: So far details are sparse, but I would *guess* that the monster(s) and map(s) being added would have low rank quests associated with them so that they would be available in low rank in addition to the "end game" which was high rank in the base game but will become G rank with the expansion.

True in a lot of cases, but historically it has been a mix. Some monsters will be given low-rank versions. Others may only appear in G rank, in the same way that some monsters in the base game only appear in high rank (e.g. Pink Rathian, Azure Rathalos). But this is just what they've done in the past. No one really knows yet.

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@cmblasko said:

Looking forward to this! Kind of interested in finding out how they reconcile the existing "tempered" and "arch-tempered" monsters with G-rank. Like, are we looking at facing down a G-rank, arch-tempered Lunastra at some point in the future?

I've pretty much been playing MHW through all of 2018, so it will be nice to have a little break in 2019 and pick it back up at the end of the year.

I know what you mean with the tempered/arch-tempered stuff. All of that seemed like a temporary band-aid while G-rank wasn't present. As you say, it's not clear how they're going to integrate those systems.

I'm definitely feeling a bit of burnout myself. I'm at around 600 hours played. These days I jump on to do whatever new event quest will get me more cool new equipment, particularly the gamma armor from AT monsters, which has typically been pretty powerful. But other than that, yeah, I'm happy to leave it alone for a little while until the expansion is ready. Besides, my brother recently gifted me a Switch so that we could play Generations Ultimate together, so there's that. :-P

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We all knew it was coming, and Capcom finally announced it yesterday: there's an Ultimate/G-Rank expansion to the game coming that they've titled Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

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As with previous Ultimate/G-Rank expansions for Monster Hunter games, Iceborne will feature:

  • A third difficulty level above Low Rank and High Rank: G Rank. G Rank monsters are tougher, typically feature at least once additional attack, and of course will get you all new equipment.
  • New maps/locales. At least one new full one, hopefully a couple.
  • New monsters. The tease toward the end of red eyes in darkness seems pretty clearly to a monster from previous games called Nargacuga. All the rest is speculation for the moment.
  • They're also teasing new moves, and no one is really sure what that means yet. It could mean a few new attacks for each weapon, or it could mean the addition of something like "hunter arts" or "styles" from Monster Hunter Generations.

The expansion releases sometime in Autumn 2019. We do not know the cost yet. I imagine it will not be less than $20 or more than $40.

The big questions now are how many new monsters (and which ones) and how many new full locales.

The trailer teases multiple new locations, but for all we know there could be only one full location and one boss location, like the ones for Zorah and Xeno.

I expect 10-12 new monsters, although this may well include palette swaps like Gold Rathian, Silver Rathalos, and Jade Barroth. Since they're teasing an ice location, I would not be surprised to see Barioth. Oroshi Kirin will almost certainly be there, as he is an ice monster and was on a previously leaked list. Alatreon will probably also be in it, as he is the only other monster from the leak list who never materialized for this version of the game. Beyond that, I expect there will be a couple of new original monsters and a mix of some returning favorites. The one I'm really hoping to see is Zinogre--I was a little shocked that he wasn't in this game to begin with.

It's a pity that this expansion is coming so long after release. Other Monster Hunter games typically saw such an expansion 12-15 months after release. This one will be more like 20 months. Understandable, since they're dealing with new tech and don't have the option of recycling any code as they did with the previous games. But it's going to be a long wait.

In the meantime, they announced some other updates to the game, including:

  • Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth (December 20th, 2018 ~ January 3rd, 2019)
  • Appreciation Fest (January 2019)
  • Arch-Tempered Nergigante (spring 2019)
  • All-new collaboration with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (early 2019)

...which you can find out more about by watching this developer update:

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@steveeasley: Mine is set to, i.e. without the "s."

EDIT: I just now tried adding the "s." Closed the browser, opened it again (GB is my homepage), and I got the same time out error yet again. So that doesn't seem to be it.

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Welp, there's breaking news on the English voicework for this game.

Apparently they kept all of the previously recorded dialogue, but at least in the case of Yuri (originally voiced by Troy Baker), the new material is being voiced by a different actor:

You can hear the new Yuri voice actor doing his thing in the recently released footage below (e.g., 3:38 and 4:41... a sample of Baker's original voicework can be heard at ~0:37.):

Too bad. Even if you don't happen to be a Troy Baker fan, consistency would have been nice. It's even more frustrating because Baker was apparently never even approached.

It's been so long since I've played this game that I honestly don't remember what a lot of the other characters' voices sounded like, so it's not clear to me if there are other voice actors not returning. The only thing I can tell for sure is that Michelle Ruff returns to voice Rita Mordia. Ruff is kinda in everything, and her voice is pretty unmistakable.

This puts the lie to the idea (which I had been hoping was true) that the original voice actors recorded all the new content in 2010. Or if they did, they didn't keep it when the localization was cancelled.

Still, it's not the end of the world. I can tell the difference in Yuri's voice if I'm paying attention, but whoever the new guy is (several people in the comments to the video have speculated that it's Grant George) does a credible enough impression that I doubt it'll bother me much when I'm actually playing. Oh well. Still looking forward to this re-release, as it's one of my favorite JRPGs ever.

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Over the past few weeks my connection to the site has been finicky across all my devices (PS4, home PC, work PC). Specifically, when I try to connect to the site, especially if I haven't connected in a while, it often just won't connect at all, and I'll get a message like "the site took too long to respond" after something like 15-20 seconds:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



After that, a refresh often seems to work. Moreover, when I've actually got a video queued up and running, I DON'T experience any random interruptions/stuttering/disconnections. Rather, the problem seems simply to be getting a first response from the site at all.

Overall this seems to be a pretty minor issue, but is nonetheless irritating, and since it happens consistently across different devices and connections, it does not seem to be a problem on my end. I wish I could specify exactly when the problem began, but all I can say is that it's been at least a week, possibly two.

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@thechris said:

Troy Baker probably won’t return for this game, I imagine they’ll replace him with Matt Mercer, which would make me sad as he is no Troy Baker. Even if I do like Mercer.

I think there's still every possibility that they kept all that English VO that they recorded nine years ago for the new sections.

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@roldan said:

While the story can be meh in some parts, the MC in Vesperia is still the best one they've had. He does things other Tales MCs would frown upon. I'm definitely getting this for Switch.

I agree. And I have to say, @arbitrarywater, I just read your Symphonia blog, and seeing these lines from it:

Protagonist Lloyd Irving is every bit the exact kind of hot blooded, idealistic dingus these sorts of stories always throw to the forefront, but even he has a coherent, logical character arc where he learns from his mistakes and becomes a better person for it. However, as someone over the age of 14, I found myself gravitating more towards the “adults in the room,” willing to temper Lloyd and Colette’s idiot optimism with a certain level of logic and cynicism.

...makes me think that you'd appreciate Yuri as the main character, at the very least. He's actually in his twenties rather than his teens, is more cynical than idealistic, and has some, let's say... pragmatic ways of dealing with problems that, as roldan said, are not the ways that most Tales protagonists would go about things.