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Somehow this just gets funnier every time I watch it. Everything about this bit is perfect, GB hall of fame moment for sure.

Dan is truly a special kind of moron. At least he's a moron in an entertaining way.

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I'm holding out until Gen Fu is confirmed. :-P

...but no, seriously though. I know he's one of the least popular characters, but he also happens to be my favorite. If they finally decide to drop him I'll stick with DOA5. Either way I don't see paying full price for it.

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@arbitrarywater said:

Thanks to my recent playthrough of Symphonia I've certainly developed an interest in seeing what else the rest of the series has to offer. Having an easily accessible version of Vesperia (which seems like it's one of the more well-loved installments) sounds great from that angle, but from the angle of "Oh no I already have like 5 other Tales games hanging out in my backlog" it's slightly terrifying.

FWIW I think for the most part they keep improving on the combat with each new game, but the characters/story/music/world I don't think has ever been better than in Vesperia. Opinions will differ, of course, but that's my take. Vesperia is one of the few games for which I remember starting a NG+ directly after finishing it the first time. It was that good.

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This is funny but true: I pretty much stopped using my 360 after I bought a PS3 so I could play Demon's Souls back on Black Friday 2009, and for a long time now the only exclusives the 360 had left that I cared about at all were The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile and Tales of Vesperia. The former came out only a year ago on Steam, and now here comes the latter. So now I can truly say that I definitively no longer care about my 360! :-P At this point I should probably just give it away to Goodwill or something.

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I found the translation to be a bit iffy, and the English VA contrasted quite badly with the visuals IMO, but don't necessarily care about any of that as long as I can pick Japanese VA with subs. The vibe, art, and gameplay are so strong I'd love to dive in again and finish this one finally. Really excited to give it another shot with my more open-minded self. I was 16 in 2008, and quite brutal with games that didn't hook me within the first few hours with their story. Looks beautiful and fun as ever, though.

Price? $20-30?

There are already Amazon listings for $50. Not ideal for a ten-year-old game, but not unexpected. Dragon's Crown Pro got released a month ago for the same price.

I'm sure the price will go down pretty quick, though. They generally do for remasters, right?

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I'm actually really excited for this. I've always liked the Tales series, and Vesperia was easily my favorite one. The game looked great, it featured a slightly older cast with a slightly darker and more mature story, some great voice acting (Troy Baker before he had really become a household name, Michelle Ruff, Sam Riegel, etc.), and a fully realized overworld map (which too many JRPGs have gotten away from).

The game was originally released back in 2008 on 360, and a PS3 port with additional content/playable characters was released in Japan in 2009, and the English voice actors were brought in to do additional voicework for the western release. However, the western release of the definitive edition never happened, with rumors flying that Microsoft had paid to keep the game exclusive to Xbox 360 in western territories. The game was popular enough that this news inspired a multi-year fan project to translate the Japanese PS3 version for western import. However, when said patch was finally released in March 2015, it required that users run an old firmware version and never upgrade, which obviously was something most people weren't all that willing to do.

Now that this new edition has been announced, I'm looking forward to finally being able to play one of my favorite JRPGs ever with new content for the first time. The real question now is the status of the English voicework. Was the additional English VA never used but kept, and all they need to do is plug it back in ten years later? Or will they bring the cast back to record the additional voicework now, again ten years later? Or do they just leave the additional content subtitled but unvoiced? I honestly have no idea. Any of these seems possible.

Although it was announced at the Microsoft E3 press conference, apparently the game will be released on PS4, Switch, and Steam/PC in addition to Xbox One, and thank goodness for that, because I only own a PS4 and am not interested in either of the other two consoles at the moment.

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Having now finished the game, I can say that it was a very enjoyable game with a lot of good systems that ultimately failed to become something greater than the sum of its parts. It's a solid four stars our of five type JRPG. I very much agree with Rorie and the many others who have criticized the story for being too cutesy, simple, predictable, and not even remotely self-aware. I mean, Evan wants to unify the world into one kingdom so there's no more fighting... that's pretty much the dream of every two-bit dictator ever, right? Meanwhile, the whole tactical skirmish with your four little rotating armies seemed pretty uninteresting, and stuff like the Tactics Tweaker that at first seemed neat turned out to be kinda irrelevant, except for matching your damage boost and resistances to a tough tainted monster.

Which gets back to the original question of the thread. The answer is that there are tough battles out there, but they're tough because said monster is just way higher level than you and/or you're not geared for it properly at all. Regarding endgame, there's a 30-level magic door randomized postgame dungeon that will be your source of materials to craft the best equipment in the game, featuring a random floor 30 boss who will be level 100 at danger level 1 (+5 levels for each danger level, I believe), and that thing will clean your clock for you. But generally speaking, if you're fighting any monster that's not tainted or vastly above you level-wise, you're going to continue to just roll over stuff. I suppose if you kinda mainline it you'll be underleveled enough that the battles might be more satisfying.

It sounds like I'm bashing the game a lot, but I really did enjoy it, particularly the kingdom-building aspect and recruiting people for it. The first game was all about collecting pokemon-like familiars for battle; this game has the same collection compulsion thing going on, it's just that this time you collect citizens who all have some dialogue and personality to them. That's a solid upgrade in my book.

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@xanadu said:

@atheistpreacher: Ive mentioned this in another thread though it didnt seem to work for the last guy...The YouTube link is de-listed since it is a premium feature. But if you on a computer browser and click the YouTube button in the embedded video, it will add the video to your history which can be pulled up on the YouTube App (you will need to be signed into the same Youtube account on the computer and the console obviously). This works for me on XboxOne and I have to assume it works the same on ps4.

Hah, fair enough. What a dumb work-around. Although I don't have a YouTube account and don't really feel like creating one just for this. Too many malignant multinational corporations have my data already.

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@rorie@wcarle: FWIW even more of a minor problem than I thought since going to the Giant Bomb TV Youtube link from within the PS4's internet browser has no issues whatsoever. I can't vote in the poll that way, but I'm not really concerned about that, personally.

One other interesting issue with Giant Bomb TV and PS4, though. I can't seem to access it through the PS4 Youtube App. When I search for the channel it just tells me there are no videos (the live stream doesn't appear on its list of videos), and there doesn't seem to be a way to manually input a video URL into that app (which seems like a dumb oversight on their part, but whatever). Again, not exactly ideal, but these seem like low-priority problems since there's a workable solution on the platform already (namely, watch the Youtube link within the web browser).