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Giant Bomb TV generally seems to work fine, but whenever the poll for the next video starts, video playback stops on my PS4 and I have to manually hit "play" to get it running again.

Pretty minor bug, all things considered, just a little annoying considering my PS4 is the primary device I see myself watching Giant Bomb TV on. Would be nice if I didn't have to keep restarting it.

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@addfwyn: Regarding restarting, the one thing I'll say about that it is it can actually be pretty fun to start another character from scratch just to have that sense of progression again. Prior to World coming out, I started new characters on both 3U and 4U and took them through LR and most of HR, even though my existing characters had already long since cleared G and gotten all the end-game equipment I could want. It was fun. So I can see myself starting another character on this game just for kicks, even though I'd never want to delete my primary one; I'd always want to be able to return to having all that hard-earned end-game gear.

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@drm2thej: That's very true about the weapon variety. I've been playing the series since MHFU on PSP but had always mained Lance and nothing else. It was just the weapon that clicked with me, and I had never really connected with the other weapons. But in this game, they've made enough significant changes to the weapons that I've found myself drawn to two others: Hammer and Bow. Having three weapons that I really like that all play extremely differently from each other really helps to keep me engaged, even though I've got pretty much all the equipment and decorations I want at this point.

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@merxworx01: You may be right. But the point is that a "3-game deal with Nintendo" is itself a tinfoil hat theory, since to my knowledge it was never official, or at least never public. It's only the fact that Capcom never went multiplatform for the past three gens of their game that led people to draw the conclusion that Capcom and Nintendo had an "understanding." I mean, when you speak of a Capcom-Sony "deal" "never materializing"... generally the hardware manufacturers aren't going to turn down software. It's not like Capcom needed to negotiate with Sony in order to develop a MH game for the Vita. It's the seemingly veiled/handshake/secret exclusivity that's weird in this whole equation.

Or is this all just fans tying themselves in knots when the reality is that Capcom is just a lazy developer that only wants to develop for a single platform at a time? Has the advantage of simplicity, just seems inexplicable for all the money they leave on the table.

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I'm going to put on my tinfoil hat for just a second here.

There were rumors flying around when MHW got announced that Sony had a handshake agreement with Capcom that the game would never be released on Nintendo hardware. The reason is obvious: Nintendo has been kicking Sony's ass in Japan for quite a while now. Everyone focused on the fact that Capcom was trying to break into the west with the series, but this was also Sony's way to push PS4s in their home country, by getting a game from a wildly popular series on their hardware that couldn't be played on the Switch or 3DS.

Before you dismiss this as improbable, recall that (1) since gen 3 the series has been exclusive to Nintendo, for reasons, even though porting the game to Sony's home or handheld devices like the Vita seemed like an obvious source of revenue for Capcom, so a handshake agreement like this would hardly be unprecedented, and (2) Street Fighter 5 was a PS4 exclusive a few years back with Sony funding part of the development process, so they had a working relationship.

In any case, if this is true, the port to Switch isn't just a hardware issue, it's a "we told Sony we wouldn't" issue.

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I'm mostly with you, certainly charm mining was tedious as all get out. And random decorations is a lot more forgiving than trying to get that one perfect charm. It just wasn't ever going to happen. But saying that "the real reason to farm decorations is for fashion, to fit the skills you want in a set you like," simply isn't true. In a lot of cases a single rare decoration can make a huge difference and unlock a ton of build possibilities. Getting a Free Element Jewel allowed me do away with my terrible Zorah gloves and hence pick up about 15 extra defense and a level of Flinch Free. Meanwhile, there are decorations that will give you skills like Protective Polish or Bow Charge Plus that can otherwise only be gotten as set skills from three or four pieces of armor. They're more valuable than you're painting them as being.

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I play three weapons in this game: Lance (my main for most of the series), Hammer, and Bow. In all cases I tend to prefer defensive and utility skills over damage skills, with the exception of weakness exploit, since that is a lot of return (+50% crit) for a rather small investment. My basic thought process is that aside from 15-minute elder dragon investigations (which I can certainly do, but not always comfortably), I never really feel any time pressure, so I don't really feel a need to kill things any faster than I do already. I'd rather have skills that keep me alive or change the gameplay in a fun way.

The following universal skills tend to show up on most or all of my builds: Weakness Exploit (already mentioned), Stun Resistance (being stunned sucks and will get you killed against powerful monsters, and I usually have three 1-slots to spare to gem this in), for melee weapons one level of Flinch Free, which keeps me from being staggered by small teammate attacks (especially crucial for Lance), and lastly (and again for melee weapons) Handicraft if the weapon I'm using will seriously benefit from the extra sharpness.

For Lance, maxing out the Guard skill is a must for me; doing so decreases chip damage through blocks, decreases stamina usage from blocks, and (most crucially) decreases knockback from blocks (and too much knockback means you won't be able to counter). There are 1-slot decorations for Guard, but they're very rare. Beyond that one crucial skill, it will depend on what lance I'm using. I make frequent use of a paralyze lance that requires awaken when I'm playing in a group; I sometimes throw some levels into evade window, because that's always nice to have.

For Hammer, the only indispensable skill for me is Earplugs. Maxing that gives the hammer so many more opportunities to get big combos on the head that it's just disgusting. Playing Hammer without Earplugs just seems crazy to me. Beyond that, I like Evade Window, since dodging is the Hammer's main defensive maneuver. I'll also often gem in affinity sliding (+30% affinity for a short time after sliding), since the slope attack spam with the Hammer is seriously hack.

For Bow, Constitution and Stamina Surge (but especially the former) are pretty crucial to allow you to keep on firin' without a lot of down time waiting for your stamina to replenish. Also key is getting your hands on a "Mighty Bow" decoration (they're pretty rare) that will give your Bow a whole extra charge level ("Bow Charge Plus," same skill as the Legiana set bonus). Beyond that, I actually really love Mushromancer for the Bow, a three-point skill which will allow you to consume mushrooms for heals/buffs. Mandragoras become max potions (and you can carry ten of them), Devil's Blight will max your stamina and temporarily cut stamina use by half, Blue Mushrooms will become potions (but instant-use, no waiting for your health to slowly fill), Nitroshrooms and Parashrooms will become offensive and defensive buffs. The problem is that Fungiform decorations are very rare, and you'll probably want two of them, along with the Dober Vambraces Beta, which have a point of Stamina Surge, a point of Mushromancer, and two 1-slots.

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Lot of good tips in this thread that are easy to miss. Here's a few that don't seem to be on here yet:

  • While it's true that you can move while drinking a potion, remaining stationary will make you quaff it faster (i.e., your health will recover more quickly).
  • Speaking of potions, don't ever use Antidotes: use Herbal Remedies instead. Like Antidotes, Herbal Remedies cure poison, but they take about half the time to work, and also restore a bit of health to boot. How to craft them? Just combine an Antidote with a Blue Mushroom.
  • Currently there is no way to sort investigations by monster (they simply appear in the order you discovered them), and that sucks. However, if you go to the investigation management screen at the Resource Center, you'll notice that the Registered and Unregistered investigations tabs (as opposed to the "All" tab) at least organizes them by star rank. Better than nothing, though still a pain to find something specific when you've got a ton on your list.
  • In the "craft armor" screen, you can hit R3 to search for armor with specific skills! Speaking of that, someone has already put together a crude armor set search. It ain't nearly as elegant as Athena's, but it's something:
  • Reminder that if you want to join a specific friend's mission, don't use SOS flares. SOS flares open a hunt to the wider public. If you want to join your friend mid-mission, you should both start off in the same session (most easily done through creating a squad, but PSN invites will work, too), then use the "join quest" function, rather than "respond to SOS flare." They never really make they clear.

That's all I can think of at the moment that hasn't already been covered here. Happy hunting!

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Agreed that the implementation of multiplayer story is this game's one unforgivable sin. It is truly awful. It won't matter for end-game, but for new people who just want to play through it together and stay partied up, it is unbelievably obnoxious and stupid. What on earth were they thinking? Even a good story wouldn't be worth putting up with these weird restrictions on multiplayer, and I wouldn't call the story in this game. It is bog-standard stuff. No to mention that your protagonist is silent!

Too bad, because I pretty much love the game otherwise.

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Gaijin Hunter, who's been the best-known Monster Hunter Youtuber for some time now, just put up this video about the end-game content:

Seems like a pretty good system to me. MHW's "investigations" are much like MH4U's "guild quests," except that you don't level them up, and they can be used a limited number of times, meaning you'll always be looking for more. It provides monsters that are still challenging even after getting all the equipment you want, and good rewards for continuing to grind it out, if you're so inclined. I'm excited to start messing around with this stuff!