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Having almost cleared high rank (two quests away), here's what I'd recommend, although none of this is set in stone:

-It's worthwhile to get those ingredient and "farm" expansion sidequests done early. Better food means better boosts for missions, and more slots for multiplying items means less gathering headache later on. You'll also get sidequests that will unlock some additional mantles, which are less important since the health booster is usually the way to go anyway, and you'll unlock that automatically as you progress. But you're going to want to do all that stuff eventually, not a terrible idea to just do them whenever they unlock, since much of it gives immediate and ongoing benefit.

-In general, sidequests that aren't going to get you crafting parts you care about atm, and don't fullfill a request from an NPC, can be ignored. You have better things to do. Likewise, you will be accruing vast numbers of "investigations." These are great for getting additional rewards for whatever target monster you're hunting (and hence are the ones you should grind on when you need parts), but should only be done when you're looking to craft something.

In short, I'd mainline the sucker, but pause to fullfill bounties and requests that will give you an immediate boost. Clearly at points you will want to pause and do some equipment upgrading, but when and how often you do that is highly individual/variable decision. I found myself stopping fairly often to grind out equipment, whenever there was a new piece of armor or weapon that caught my eye. Your mileage may vary.

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If you pre-ordered the digital version, it goes live at 9pm Pacific, midnight Eastern, which is just an hour from now. If I pre-order a game I usually order from Amazon for the 20% discount, but for this one I made an exception and pre-ordered digital, because I want to play it as early as I can... and also, I've had Amazon miss a couple Friday game deliveries for me in the past (Monster Hunter Generations and Xenoblade Chronicles X).

I'm definitely at ridiculous levels of needing this game in my life. For the past month I haven't played many games because everything paled in comparison to the idea of a new Monster Hunter game on a proper console. I'm not a handheld guy at all, but bought a 3DS just for the series after getting into the series with MHFU (which was played on a PSP that I received for free). The prospect of a new game on a proper home console that I can play with a proper controller on a big TV, not to mention has had all kinds of quality of life changes, pretty much has me as excited for this game as I could possibly be for any game. I literally cannot imagine any game that I would be more excited about than this one.

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@shindig said:

I'm thinking about it. The one thing I take from the footage I see is how much planning goes into a hunt. On the one hand, I'm into the idea of that but maybe not the commitment.

FWIW the "ramp" on necessary preparation is actually pretty gentle. In "low rank" hunts, the blue supply box at mission start will typically give you all the items you'll need, i.e. items for health and stamina restoration, as well as, say, antidotes for quests in which your target might poison you. By the time you get to "high rank" hunts in which those items aren't always given to you right away, you'll already have a good grasp of what you'll need to bring with you; it'll just be second nature. So the prep really isn't as onerous as it might sound.

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@purplepartyrobot said:

I have a PS4 Pro but I'm buying the Xbox version for my regular-ass Xbox because my friends are there. None of them have played a Monster Hunter game before so I can't wait to see them get trashed by dragons/angry pickles.

If you eat the angry pickles before they can attack you, you should be safe.

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@tobbrobb said:

First time playing the beta, stayed on a ton during the weekend.

This game is exceeding my expectations right now goddamn. It just feels and looks so freaking good. I ended up trying just about every weapon and kept going even after finishing all the missions a handful of times.

I love that they added Nergigante and made it a fairly harsh timer as an added challenge. The first 3 fights were pretty easy, even when our squad was two complete newbies, me with some minor experience and a vet. But Nergigante took like 2h and some blood sweat and tears to take down, you could see rapid progress in us learning the game by doing that, and goddamn was it satisfying to finally take him down after all those failed attempts. We were all pretty much sold on pre-order after that (don't tell anyone I did that, it's bad)

Longsword seems to be my best fit, I felt like I had good sticking power to keep the damage up, and I got into a good rotation with leveling up and using the helm breaker. I would really like to learn greatsword though, but it's been a bit of a struggle to use it efficiently. I'm like ok against the beta monsters now because I know their patterns, but it's still not nearly as efficient as LS.

Greatsword is definitely one of the hardest to use because it probably requires the most knowledge of monster behavior. Attacks come out so slowly that unless you can predict what a monster is about to do, you're going to wiff a hell of a lot of hits.

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@bollard said:

Yeah, that run is nuts. It's mainly exploiting the flame pods, keeping Nergy paralysed on top of them does some insane damage. I think they did a similar thing to G. Jagras in the first beta. Even so, I've seen sub-4 min runs done with the HBG without cheesing the flame pods.

Hopefully they'll actually fix the stuff that's broken. Monster Hunter has never been on a console that was set up to receive patches, so the broken aspects just sorta stayed broken.

Kinda related, my brother was hoping to maybe main Gunlance this game, but I don't think we've gotten definitive word on whether the explosive damage from the shelling scales up properly in this game. In past games it didn't, meaning the Gunlance was great early on but bad in the late-game. Hopefully that's fixed, and if not, hopefully they'll patch in a fix at some point...

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@sravankb said:
@zeik said:

@oursin_360: While you're holding down the L1 button to cycle through items it will also bring up the radial menu that you can navigate with the right stick. It's honestly one of the best additions to World.

There's a setting where you use the item upon clicking the right stick instead of using it upon releasing the stick. This makes it much easier to use and you don't accidentally use items as a result.

Yeah, that might be the most important setting to change, I was likewise using a lot of items by accident without switching to the other type.

A couple other helpful options to toggle when the full release happens:

Auto-sheathe. On by default, this will automatically sheathe your weapon if you run around with it out and don't attack for a certain period of time. No good reason not to toggle this off, since there are situations when you'll want to keep your weapon out. Easy enough to sheathe yourself.

Camera zoom. You can set the camera distance a little closer or a little further away from your character. I always set it to "far," because more situational awareness is always better.

Also, it's just cosmetic, but there's an option to hide your helmet so that you can see your hunter's face that you spent so much time customizing.

There are also some options to make the controls behave more like the older games, but I didn't really mess with these, since the control changes seem like good ones overall.

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By the way, Heavy Bowgun looking pretty broken in this last beta.

Loading Video...

Fastest melee times were around 4 minutes.

Those people are just freakish, though. I managed to solo Nergigante in 12:05 with Lance and 10:48 with Hammer (also several times in groups). The Hammer time I'm pretty happy with despite the fact that some Japanese guy did it in half that.

Four days now until release. Gonna be pure torture. At this point I have no drive or desire to play anything else.

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Well, I'm definitely a veteran. Been playing since the 2nd generation of games (Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP), five games in total, over 1,000 hours between all of them. So I guess I'll give this question a shot, see if I can communicate what the game is all about and why you might or might not like it. Apologies if it's a bit all over the place.

These days the constant starting comparison you see is to Dark Souls. It's actually not a great comparison in a lot of ways, particularly since Monster Hunter has never had much of a story, nor is it an exploration/lore game. Here's what the two have in common, and why they get compared so often: they're both tough 3rd-person action games with a high skill ceiling, and they both have complex, deliberately paced (read: slow) combat. Not molasses or anything, but this isn't a super-fast twitchy action game. Part of this is that for some of the slower weapons, when you commit to a hit, you can't just cancel out of the animation super quickly if you discover you've made a mistake. That makes combat more tactical, because you can't just heedlessly attack a monster and then expect to be able to dodge a big hit from it when you're locked into an offensive animation. You have to actually look for openings and fight intelligently, or you're going to get worked.

At its core, the Monster Hunter games are basically boss rush games. The whole loop, as you've probably heard, is to kill a big monster, use the parts you get from killing said big monster to craft better equipment that will allow you to take on a more powerful monster. Rinse, repeat. Of course, it tends to not be quite as straightforward as it sounds. Different monsters have different elemental weakness, and/or might be better fought with a different weapon than whatever your main happens to be, and/or more or less require some specialized equipment. As a new player, eventually you're going to run into a monster that's a wall, that you just can't seem to beat, that will force you to either git gud or change your strategy. There is no concept of leveling in these games. The only things that change are your equipment and your skill... which includes your knowledge of each monster's behavior and weaknesses.

Let's take a basic example. Rathalos is usually considered to be a pretty tough monster when you first encounter him. He's a big red dragon who flies around constantly while shooting fireballs at you; you're using a melee weapon and can't even figure out how to hit him while he's flying around like that. Meanwhile you're getting one-shotted by his fireballs, and just aren't sure what to do. Well, there's a couple things you could do. First, you can make sure to be using a weapon with an element that he's weak to so that you're doing the most damage you possibly can (which is this case would be lightning or dragon element). OK, go and kill some monster that will let you craft a lightning weapon from its hide. Taking too much damage? Craft armor with some better armor rating, and maybe has some good fire resistance for that fireball that's been one-shotting you. As for the flying thing, you can handle that in a couple of ways. First, you can throw flash bombs in his face when he's in the air, which will cause him to be blinded, and he'll tumble to ground where you can smack him around for a while. Seriously, you don't want to melee Rathalos without flash bombs, but as a new hunter you may not even know flash bombs exist. Or you can skip melee entirely and pick a ranged weapon (or the Insect Glaive, which is melee, but specializes in flipping around through the air). At that point Rathalos' flight doesn't matter so much. Meanwhile, you'll also need to figure out his tells; is he about to swoop down and poison you with his claws, or shoot a fireball? The animations will tell you if you know what to look for.

In short, it's a game about preparation and knowing your enemy, having the right equipment and right knowledge to get the job done. The monsters all behave very differently, so strategies that work for one might not work for another, but there are always multiple viable approaches. A lot of that comes down to the game's 14 weapons, which are so different that switching from one to another can feel like switching to an entirely different game. Fighting a monster with the Bow feels nothing like fighting the same monster with a Hammer. The Dual Blades are nothing like the Greatsword. Hell, even the Lance and Gunlance aren't nearly as alike as you might think they are. When you get bored with one weapon, go pick up another one; suddenly you have to approach each monster in an entirely new way, adding tremendously to its replayability. Honestly, all the weapons and monsters are just ridiculously well-designed; many developers have tried to imitate this series (see God Eater, Toukiden, Dauntless), but none has come close to dethroning the king of this hill, and for my money it's mostly because the weapon and monster designs are just a cut above.

It should also be said that the multiplayer in this game is amazing. There's no competitive multiplayer of any kind, it's all cooperative. But it's probably my favorite online coop game ever. There's nothing better than taking down a super-tough monster that's been kicking your ass with a group of your buddies. The game can surely be enjoyed solo as well, but if you can play it with friends, it's even better.

So, is Monster Hunter for you? Well, the biggest question is going to be whether you like the core combat, which is tough and complex. Next would be whether you enjoy progressing your character; I for one am easily drawn in by the urge to get better stuff in games. There's always some shiny new weapon or piece of armor to covet. Next question is whether you've got some friends willing to take the plunge with you, as that will add to the enjoyment. Last, if you feel like you need deep story or exploration to hold your attention, then this probably isn't the game for you.

Anyway, hopefully this helps someone, although I'm honestly not sure if I've done a great job of explaining the appeal. It can be tough to convey. Best to just give the beta a whirl if you have a PS4; it runs through Sunday at 6pm. Failing that, maybe check out this video, which was itself designed to introduce new players to the game, and anyway is probably better than the wall of text I've posted here:

Loading Video...

But I'd be happy to answer specific questions if anybody has one. I honestly think that this is the best series of games in the world that most westerners haven't yet touched. Aside from Resident Evil 4 and the Souls series, they're probably my favorite games ever, so I'm always willing to take some time to evangelize...

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So the third beta is live now. It runs through 6pm Pacific on Sunday. Then the full game is out on Friday.

That fourth quest against the new flagship monster, Nergigante, is pretty tough. Took me a number of tries to beat it, even as a veteran. New hunters will probably find it very tough going. If you were playing it before and didn't think the challenge was there, check it out.