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Worst Villains

For every fantastic gaming villain, there's a laundry list of would-be antagonists that fall by the wayside. This is (not really) a tribute to those fallen non-heroes.

List items

  • When you think of Final Fantasy VI, you think of Kefka. Or maybe even Ultros. However, for a good chunk of the game, Square leads you to believe that the Emperor Gestahl is the big bad guy. Thankfully, he's eventually wholly superceded by Kefka, but it takes waaay too long. How can your run of the mill evil Emperor possibly compete with a maniacal, talking Octopus or an insane clown!?

  • Another busted Final Fantasy villain. It's pretty clear from the start of the game that Vayne's the main enemy. It's not his pretty boy looks that make this guy fall flat, but rather the game's convoluted plot. Vayne and his cronies sometimes disappear for hours at a time and Square never allows his character to develop very far beyond what you see a handful of hours into the game.

  • Surprise, surprise... another Final Fantasy villain. After building Edea up for most of the game, all of a sudden you get this...

    Great work, Square.

  • Fuck this guy. Ruining the ending of my Final Fantasy IV.

  • Dr. Machino? Awesome Possum? Do a simple google search on this piece of crap and you'll quickly learn why it's here.

    Aside from the fact that the game's just a terrible Sonic knock-off, Dr. Machino's biggest crime is cutting down trees. I mean, sure that's bad, but... really?

  • The final boss from Gears of War 2. Least. Climactic. Ending. Ever.

    This is literally the game's worst enemy. Every other enemy is better than this. One of the giant worm's hearts is a more sinister villain than this radioactive piece of crap.

  • "Hey everyone! How ya doing? Is this game good? Can my computer run this game? Do people still play online?"

    Shut the fuck up.


    Sure, this guy works from a storytelling perspective, but a game with some of the hardest bosses ever needs a really killer final act. The Old One doesn't deliver.

    Now Yurt... there's a villain!

  • Rich white man, killed by his lackey. Smooth.

  • Lacky, kills rich boss, ruins the game's ending. Easily beaten by the only quicktime event in an otherwise good game.

  • Sure, Gao is the entry-level villain in Jade Empire (and he's brilliantly voiced by Nathan Fillion) but with a name like Gao THE LESSER he doesn't exactly strike fear into your heart. There is never any doubt in your mind that you'll easily defeat him when the time comes.

  • Ah yes, the brilliant "party member turned mortal enemy" ploy.

    Except it was done pretty poorly this time around.

  • Why even bother giving this pathetic man a name? Seriously. Just fighting "The Enclave" would be far better than this toolbag. My "final encounter" in the Jefferson Memorial ended with a shot to the face, and he fell into the water so I couldn't even loot his body.

    Even in death, Autumn still sucks.