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I am actually surprised this is game related, Drew just have never seen that into games to me. But that is cool, means I will more likely be into it.

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I adore the combat in this game, it takes a while to get used to but once you really start utilizing the stuff its so much fun. Using bombs and especially stasis on enemies is such a big part of combat to me. Bombs may not do much damage but they can knock weapons/shields away from enemies, and then I can run up and take it and they are basically just done.

The best thing about encounters in this game is how much it involves the environment. Like many places if you look around the fight area they have placed out many tools for you to use, like explosive barrels or boulders. These are SO fun to use. My absolute favorite thing is using explosive barrels and stasis and using them as cannons into the enemy base. Especially when they also place more explosive barrels inside camps, so you can just create this huge explosion from afar. Fighting some enemies can be much harder simply depending on where they are.

Or using magnesis and dropping stuff on enemies is also a lot of fun.

Its really rewarding to play with and utilize the systems in the game, rather than just going up and locking on and attacking them until dead. Which is something that is reinforced with the durability, also as someone said above I think its a stand in for levels which is really neat. All in all, the more I play the more I just come to love the durability system. The idea of them doing double damage when breaking is brilliant too, as it means running around for lost weapons mid fight, picking up one that even isn't very good is something that is good to do, since throwing it at an enemy will knock them around/deal damage.

I spent like 4 hours today just running around, actively seeking out fights, taking shrines as I go and looking for the locations of the memories you get from photographs and absolutely loved the entire time.

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I cannot believe a Yoko Taro game has 90 on Metacritic, is this real life.

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I don't really avoid it at all. I think people make the system more oppressive than it is. You will almost always have plenty of weapons, and I constantly have to fling my weakest away to pick up a better one.

Hoarding is not worth it, just use the stuff you have. You will get more and better weapons all the time.

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Played like 6 hours today and I really like the game, and find that it gets better and better the more you play it. When you get accessibility to more cooking, having horses, more parts of the map, more weapons and such. I have had no problems with the weapon durability by the fact that almost every enemy has a weapon that you can pick up, so I often don't even have room to pick up more. I actually really like the system, as it forces you to really use all the weapons and its fun.

My only problems so far is that the framerate is real bad at times, and that the gyroscope puzzles aren't that fun. Other than that, really having a good time. I really like that basically all NPCs have something unique to say, and the game is really quite funny at times.

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Only when going on like long trips and in case I will be spending long time on a bus/plane, but then I usually just bring a book anyway.

I have had most handheld systems over the years and like 99% of my playtime has been on my bed. So no, not really.

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DOOM, I finished that on ultra violence and went right back to finish it on nigthmare.

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I played like 4 hours so far, and I like what I have played.. the actual mechanics of the game doesn't seem, that great? Its basically just a vehicle to tell the story they have, and there is so much text. Which I appreciate. So far the writing is intriguing, some of the characters you run into have really cool things to say. Though my one fear right now is that most of the random characters you run into seem extremely inconsequential. Like, they may go on a tangent about being from another dimension and where their stars have burnt out, but that seems to be about it. When you exhaust the dialogue options it just seems like that character wont probably be any part of the game further? The weirdness of Planescape is certainly there and it feels like Planescape. I still have to see how the story progresses, as that is really where it all hinges on.

I haven't had a single combat encounter yet, so if anything I imagine a quick look of this game will be weird, its mostly text, most is not spoken.

The amount of content the game has cut though is starting to look pretty worrisome. And Chris Avellones second companion being completely gone from the game is really a bummer to me.

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No interest from me, I just didn't like Dragon Age Inquisition at all.

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@themanwithnoplan said:

I'm excited, but I'm one of the people who's only ever seen the first season of Twin peaks. I'm at a crossroads now. Do I watch what it widely regarded to be the worst part of the show, or do I power through so I can be caught up for the new stuff? I'll probably do the latter sooner or later.

For as awful as the second season can get, some of the early ones and the last two episodes are really worth watching. Like most of 18-28 can just be skipped completely if you just want the good. (that is if you count all episodes including season one as 1-30)