GOTY 2018

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  • The GOAT

  • In many ways this feels very similar to the first game, but what truly elevates it above it, and what turns it into a worthy sequel is all in the audio and the gunplay. New World knew exactly what to focus on to deliver a visceral, intense and realistic-feeling modern military shooter. Despite being an indie team these two things I would rival the best in the business. The sound design has to be heard to be believed, the way explosions ring in your ears, how concrete crunches under the impact of gunfire, just how loud the guns are. Its all just so superbly designed. I also think all the modes are incredibly smart, because they offer respawning while still making you care about your lives by limiting the amount of spawn waves your team has, and only successful teamwork will earn you more.

  • Here we have a game that is all about the execution. Because when it all comes down to it, Insominac's Spiderman game is extraordinarily generic. A lot of the design decisions makes one reminisce about games from a number of years past. You have the open world littered with the same few tasks that you can complete over and over with very small variations. It should get boring (and it does, albeit rarely) but what makes it all work is just how stellar they have nailed the feeling of being Spiderman. Just swinging around is a immensely satisfying, and is so strong on its own to make me want to collect every little piece of garbage scattered around town. The combat takes a lot of inspiration from Rocksteady's Batman effort, but cleverly puts enough of a spin on it to again make you feel like Spiderman by focusing on how much more agile Spiderman is when fighting.

    I will say that I HATE every mission where I am NOT playing Spiderman, thankfully they are few. Though they are so poorly executed that I was furiously trying to rush to the next point of being back in the suit.