I wish there are more cute games coming out.

I feel like I'm tired of most of the games that have come out recently. There are so many games featuring serious looking dudes with serious sounding stories, cool spaceships/robot future/magic, or even downright depressing shit! Even games centered around cute cartoonish animals get super dark.

Yes, please.
Yes, please.

Well, a lot of those games are good, but I would like more sweet games to be made! I'm talking about games like Pikmin, Patapon, Kirby and Little Big Planet. Even simpler games like LocoRoco and Animal Crossing would be fine. Games that are fun and saccharine! I think these games were able to deliver cuteness without needing to compromise their gameplay and story, and there's something about cute things that I just enjoy. When Overlord took some of the ideas from Pikmin and brought it into a "dark and gritty" fantasy parody-ish setting, I felt like something was lost in the transition.

Look at Giant Bomb's top 10 games of 2012 list. the only game on it that can be called cute is Fez. Hell, look at the first page of the reviewed games list. As of right now, the only ones out of the list that I would consider cute are Theatrhythm, Adventure Time, and maybe Mario and Nintendo Land. Maybe the reason I like cute games more is that there's not as many? Maybe I would like cute games less if they start to become the norm.

I don't know if that is the case, but now might be an opportunity to make cuter games. They shouldn't be too hard to market, right? I mean, Nintendogs and Wii Sports (I guess it's somewhat cute?) did pretty well even to people who don't usually play games, didn't they? I know someone who loves Pikmin just because it is cute, and is amazing at it even though she never plays anything harder than Bejeweled.

I know that there are new Pikmin, Animal Crossing, and Media Molecule games coming out, but they are sequels so not exactly something new...

Is this just wishful thinking, or is there a place for more cute games in the current market? I sure hope it's the latter...