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My First Extra Life!

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Hey everyone!

Budi AKA audioBusting here. I've been watching Extra Life streams of the Giant Bomb community for years, but this is the very first Extra Life I am doing. I hope it will go great!

These are the details for the stream I am doing. I posted most of this on Facebook, so there is some explaining of things that some of you are probably already familiar with. Facebook is kinda bad for this stuff so I'll probably link back here when I update on FB/Twitter later. Anyway...

I am running a 24-hour livestream on 5 November 2016 for Extra Life. Update: it's been postponed to 12 November 2016.


How it works, in my case, is that I am going to play video games for 24 hours at my house in Jakarta, and you will be able to watch a live feed of it on Twitch. I'm hoping to gain attention and direct people (including you!) to donate to my Extra Life fundraising page. This event is largely for local North American hospitals, but your donation through my page is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to the international efforts of a children's hospital in the network. Being sick sucks, and it sucks even more that kids have to suffer through a lot of scary stuff when it happens to them. Children's hospitals such as SickKids work hard to treat kids all over the world, and I hope I can help them just by doing this one thing for one day.

Even if you are not donating, please please please do at least share to your family and friends about this event for awareness.

It's not just going to be a silent stream of games being played, though. I will try to commentate and keep it entertaining, if you do decide to join in on Twitch or even call in (more on that later). There are also incentives for you to donate and watch, if the thought of helping hospitals to treat sick children is somehow not enough for your cold, black heart! (Just kidding, I know you're all generous folks.)


Good question! It can be up to YOU to decide. I have somehow amassed hundreds of game through years of purchasing, even though I don't always have time for all of them. I want to put them to some good use by playing them for this event, so I will be picking at least 24 games out of them for me to play in the 24 hours.

I have publicly listed about 450 (yes, four hundred fifty!) games I feel like I should play more, or have never even played at all, right here.

Here's where you come in: if you donate $5 to my fundraising page, you can vote for a game on the list to be played. Just put in the suggestion on the donation comments! I will be announcing the games I will be playing, 4 at a time every day, for the next 6 days. When there are not enough votes, I will pick them randomly. Better vote as soon as you can!

Update: All of the games had been picked! Read the posts below for the list.


For higher donations, you can get more:

If you donate $10, you can also suggest specific things to do in the game (like drive a specific car in a driving game, or do a cheat-assisted run of XCOM, for example).

If you donate $20, forget the in-game restriction, feel free to suggest whatever dumb thing you want me to do during the stream and I will try to do it within reason (I mean, I can probably do push-ups every other game if you ask me to, but there's no way I'm doing backflips every 5 minutes).

I also have a bunch of spare keys for games I own, so for every $10 you donate, I will enter you to a raffle for a chance to win one of these ten games on Steam:

They're all great games, so you should totally donate for a chance to get them!

Update: I got more prizes to give away from Extra Life! They are:

To recap:

  • $5 : pick a game from the list done! but you can donate anyway, and feel good about it
  • $10: specific in-game suggestion
  • $20: suggest anything!
  • every $10: raffle tickets for prizes listed above (2 tickets for $20, 3 for $30, and so on)


Absolutely! Feel free join in the livestream, either in person or by Skype voice call. A few people are already lined up for this, but there's still (a lot of) time to fill in those 24 hours! I think I will really need this support to keep me going, because playing games for 24 hours is more exhausting than it probably sounds. This will also encourage other people you know to pay some attention to my fundraising, so please join in if you are able to! Just reach out to me through Facebook/Twitter/whatever messaging. If you are not able to, that's also okay, just come watch and hang out on the Twitch chat if you like. I'll be there all day anyway!


That's fine too! Go to for other people who are playing different games for donations to different North American hospitals. Check them out instead!