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Fighting game characters who are basically a dog

Scientific list of fighting game playable characters who are basically just A Dog.

What does NOT count:

  1. anthropomorphic dogs or werewolves or a human who are kinda like a dog (e.g. Bloody Roar, Parappa from PS All-Stars, Wolf, Fox & Isabelle from Smash, Poochy from Power Instinct),
  2. dogs who are just sidekick or assist/summon characters (e.g. Rush from MvC, Poppy from Samurai Shodown),
  3. characters who are only partially a dog (e.g. Nrvnqsr from Melty Blood),
  4. dogs riding mechs etc. (e.g. Leopaldon's dog from Guilty Gear),
  5. this should go without saying, but dogs who are not in a fighting game (e.g. Blade Wolf from Metal Gear Rising, Sif from Dark Souls, Caesar from Wargroove),
  6. other animals, especially non-canines like cats, cows, rodents, dinosaurs, cars: probably not a dog (e.g. Pikachu, Gon in Tekken, etc), and

On top of the basic premise of "just a dog", these also count:

  • Wolves, foxes, can be considered "basically dogs",
  • robot dogs, cyber dogs, magic dogs, cartoon dogs, fantastic dogs in general may be considered "basically a dog", if they look and behave like a dog. Even if they can throw a fireball as part of their moveset, as long as they are generally, basically a dog.

Special mentions for borderline cases go here:

  • Valkenhayn, who can sometimes turn into basically a dog, but not all the time.

If anyone has any more suggestions, please leave a comment below!

List items

  • This dog from Smash Brothers has a bird sidekick and cowboy summons, but is definitely a dog first and foremost.

  • Don't forget this dog from Ehrgeiz, who's not afraid to fight even Sephiroth!

  • This dog may be a goddess in the form of a wolf, but this character in Marvel vs Capcom sure is "basically a dog".

  • Iggy (from those JJBA fighting games) is a weird dog who farts on your face, eats chewing gums, and summons a powerful manifestation of his fighting spirit that can control sand... but a dog nonetheless.

  • Apparently some Tobal 2 characters, such as Dog, are basically dogs. This game has too many characters, so I'm not going to find every single dog in it.

  • There's a dog called Dog in this game. Apparently an assassin? But still a dog.