I Might As Well Call This List Game of the Year 2018?

trying my best to buy as few new video games as I can. this is a list of all the 2018 games I bought this year

List items

  • Hitman continues to be unbelievably funny.

  • i ended up getting this oh well

  • i learnt so much about networking to get the switch connected to the internet to download this dang game. haven't even played it yet but i guess that's cool(?)

  • horn good

  • Played this at a friend's and it is trememdously fun. The throw mechanic works exactly as I imagined and hoped for.

  • free game? sure!

  • i feel like this is slightly disappointing. but i still liked it a lot

  • Left 4 Dead is back from 2008 and it's here to stay baby

  • sigh. zachtronics you got me again

  • the motion controls.... they are shockingly good. it kinda works. it has given me the motivation to pick this back up and get to the next level. i'm practicing hand switching and i can feel myself slowly becoming a taiko god. see you all in taiko heaven

    update: got the drum controller eventually lol. i have a long features wishlist for this game (hats, online leaderboards, rock band style practice mode...) but it's still taiko no tatsujin hey.

  • Been playing this free-to-play mobile RO thing... It's kinda interesting in that it is sort of a remake/reimagining of the old MMORPG. I think they nailed the feel of the old game! I've previously talked about the Ragnarok Clicker as a failure of a nostalgia bait, while this is on the far opposite end of the nostalgia spectrum.

  • I technically didn't "buy" it, but I got it off my annual origin access sub ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ feels a bit dull but mice cute

  • Apparently this is releasing this year, so I guess it counts? I love this game!

    update: nevermind, release date is in january 2019. still great game this year though