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Metal Gear characters who eats/drinks on screen

Huh? Just a list...

Warning: some story-related spoilers.


  • This does not include characters who only talks about eating/drinking in the past, e.g. Para-Medic talking about eating in codec calls or Paz talking about the cooking and eating on Mother Base. Fictional "present time" and visible occurences only!
  • I don't think anybody ever eats Sunny's eggs. It's kind of infuriating. I love sunny side ups and Naomi's lid tech is very good. They waste like a dozen eggs in Guns of the Patriots. I think Sunny just needs to season the eggs.
  • I don't think Mei Ling can actually be seen drinking at the wedding scene in Guns of the Patriots. I checked the tape and the camera cuts away right when she is about to take a sip, so she's not on the list.
  • Not entirely sure on animal interactions in Snake Eater, but I'm not including random animals. They are not quite characters of the franchise. If you are curious, I know vultures eat dead bodies, and bees and leeches who gets stuck on Snake (and have to be taken out via the Survival Viewer) are technically eating.
  • @bhlaab pointed out that a codec conversation has someone who was in the middle of eating pizza. Unfortunately, he only just ordered it before ending the call.
  • @mancombseepgood mentions the AI Colonel being caught eating in a codec call. This is an AI trick and is not true. This is said among other things like how Raiden paid for lunch after his messy divorce (Raiden never even met him) and how Metal Gear Solid 2 is a type of RPG (it definitely is not!!!)

List items

  • He eats the most things in the whole franchise in Snake Eater. Also definitely has the most screen time spent eating with all those long footage of him eating fish and such.

  • Rations etc. I think he talks about how they taste on codec calls. He also drinks some narc soda in Guns of the Patriots, I think. He also eats a gun, ha ha.

  • Drinks narc soda with his wacky monkey friend. Drinks an entire bottle of wine in the wedding scene.

  • Another soda and wine fan.

  • I don't remember if she eats the snake during the cave scene in Snake Eater, but she drinks wine with Big Boss at the end of the game.

  • I'll count licking blood off the knife as eating.

  • Her coffee cup is even a running joke. To be honest, I can't remember if she ever drinks from it. I'd appreciate it if someone could go check for me. Update: I checked some footage and she at least drinks from her cup in the ending scene. What's also notable in this scene is that they have a whole pizza on the desk, but nobody can be seen eating any pizza. Kevin presumably ate some before the scene, since it starts with him grabbing a napkin. Boris also took a slice of it from off screen, but when the camera switches angles one second later, he is seen with his hands behind his back, holding nothing.

  • Can be seen toasting with Meryl in the background at their wedding.

  • See Sasaki, Johnny

  • A boss mechanic! The Fear eats stuff you throw out in certain phases of the boss fight.

  • You can see him eating sunlight during the boss fight sometimes. I'll take it.

  • It's through her skin, but she totally drinks water and eats rainbows on screen.

  • This dude drinks wine through a straw.

  • Eats the electrolytes in enemy spines by crushing them in his hand in Revengeance. (Thanks to bhlaab for pointing this out.)

  • Little Gray passes her a Narc soda when they first met. She drinks it and burps. Also worth mentioning that the monkey went fucking nuts because of how funny burps are. (Thanks again to bhlaab for the tip.)

  • The Solis security guard who can be seen eating a pizza while ogling anime girls. I think he has the best eating animation. His mouth is so big.