my 2016 favourite games

THs is a list of games i played in 2016 and want to remind myself of at the end of the year. this page was my 2015 list, but because of the throwaway nature of this thing i'm just going to put the new one on top of it. more for personal use anyway/ I enjoyed going through the list when 2015 ended so why not do it again this year.

update: ho;y heck this list is getting long. 2016 is prertty good huh. also too lazy to order #10+

List items

  • the best pokemon has ever been! they embraced the quirkiness of the concept of pokemon and ran with it. great positive vibes and encourages social play! the one issue i have is the tackiness of festival plaza and poke pelago, but it's still a major improvement over x/y/oras

  • holy shit this game is pretty amazing

    it's paced perfectly and it delivers an interesting narrative without any spoken language. not to mention the beautiful art direction and audio design. also one of the best "game feel" for sure.

  • this is everything i want from a puzzle game, and it's a fantastic set of rules for a puzzle game. The overall design of this is like the nice, sleek sausage intestine casing to the delicious spiced and seasoned sausage meat of the ruleset... mmm love that taste!

  • they weren't kidding when they said this game was horny as hell. this has a really fun dialogue system! also a rare good example of a game that communicates the playfulness and the boundaries of human relationships, especially when it comes to sexuality, as we know it.

  • wow, great campaign! also best first person movement, amybe ever??

  • it's kind of suspenseful for no good reason other than to make it suspenseful imo, but what it does technically is very impressive. i guess i could say that this is the citizen kane of videog amges????????????

  • i have never felt as alive as i was when i got the first dagger upgrade. everything slowed down in my head like the fucking matrix and i murdered a lot of demonic skulls and shit with tons of daggers coming out of my fucking hand. this game is pure like geometry wars, distilled into seconds, minutes.

  • well, it's dark souls, and it's better than ever, i guess. haven't relly decided on that last part. i think i've reached my point of exhaustion, and my realisation that the authorial intent may not quite align with why i love this series

  • i keep forgetting this came out in 2016 but it's great

  • really solid action game mechanics with a very good progression. this and stephen's sausage roll are good examples on how to string self-contained rooms of "puzzles" together to communicate overarching ideas. one major issue i have though, is the awkwardness of the visual language they use to work around the lack of speech. and sometimes while the action feels very deliberate, it's a bit too loose around the edges

  • ok you know what i would put this as my goty because picross 3d is the best ever but maybe that's just a little too contrarian. i'll think about it first

  • Reminds me how much I enjoyed harvest moon, and is a great game on its own.

  • THis is very good! expansion came out this year so i say it counts. Really clever game design with narrative flavouring

  • i mean, it's alright but maybe i won't come up with 10 better games this year??? i'll probably write a review on this and it'll be, like, 3 or 4 stars. it's pretty, at the very least

    (turns out i'm too lazy to write a review and i did play 10 better games)

  • idek if this is even a game and i'm not entirely sure why i like it yet, but i play this every day, so....

  • i'm putting this in to remind me that i played that asmr vin diesel d&d game and really liked it. it came out last year but who cares. also a reminder that d&d is very good and fun.

  • arcane kids made that anamanaguchi game and that's pretty cool

  • i don't think this'll be in the top 10 but who knows, maybe they'll update it a lot before the end of the year. a lot of potential!

  • I finally got around to continue playing this and i gotta say... a lot better than i thought. the combat is still a snooze but the story is surprisingly good. probably won't be in the list because it's 2 years old though

  • can i still do this? lol. i just got to level 50 this year.

  • specifically the cardboard computer game, neighbor. i love how meditative it is, how much it evokes with how little it has, and how it takes itself as seriously only as much as it needs to

  • I wish I know someone who would play this with me but this is pretty much my dream game. I'll just put it in here anwyay

  • i think this is the most cleverly designed clicker game i've played yet, though it's still a clicker game... update: it updated with more eggs??? fuck this game, i hate it

  • a very entertaining short mobile game with a strong identity! delightfully surprising at every turn

  • Snakebird came out on the Android and it's super good haha

  • i think the pacing of the game is a little weird when compared to the older games, but it's still rhythm heaven, and it's a lot of rhythm heaven to boot

  • this game has provided me so much entertainment despite never having played it