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  • yup. still doing the dailies

  • dunno why i tried but i tried and hated it. ugh i could really use a good mobile rpg though

  • i'm getting back into programming this year and exapunks kicks ass.

  • got it on the switch baby. still a great game.

  • damn i love bowser

  • ehhhhhhhh... makes me wish they made a new soma bringer or FF crystal chronicles ring of fates on the switch instead. i gotta say though, i like that it gives you a summary of a cutscene before you skip it.

  • still fun. mods are wild

  • hoping to 100% this someday

  • (public demo) hey i kinda like this. the colossus is cool. it doesn't look ME3 MP tier, but at least tighter than andromeda and DA:I. origin access is super cheap too. nice

    ehh this is kinda frustrating in how compromised and questionable the way this whole thing is structured. bummer. still fairly fun for the 10 hours though.

  • giving this a real honest shot now. so far so good. it's amazing to me that this JRPG protagonist is a sneakerhead. i get destroyed by weak enemies way too easily tho T_T

  • holy shit

  • (the demo) this is pretty cool hey. i like the mechs. pretty good mech action (although it does the virtual on / gundam vs thing of having a huge landing lag that i get annoyed at). i can pick up someone's head to replace my head. mech swords. dual wield assault rifles. mech fashion. cool.

  • been getting back to city living. i have weird ghost problems but it's getting kinda stale now. maybe i'll get dine out later.

    i got dine out. it's ok i guess. it's kind of annoying how slim each of these expansions/game packs are. i should look up some community challenges, the ones in the game kinda suck

    August update: i got more dlc... get to work, get together, vampires, and jungle adventure. do i have a problem? hmmm

  • i got the mobile version thinking it'll be good. i dunno. the interface is pretty unwieldy. the progression is a bit weird. and it doesn't count the time spent out of the game? wtf...

  • i played can't stop online for winter classic. it's a fantastic BS RNG game.

  • more winter classic. didn't like this one so much. doesn't feel fun to play.

  • winter classic. unsurprisingly, after all these years, i still don't like this game.

  • finally getting back into this. still a good time. the arcade chef4hire mode really makes this game a great pick up and play kind of game. also, one of those games that can feel quite different depending on the input you use. i love playing this with my new keyboard.

  • winter classic custom league

  • pokemon showdown random gen 7 format for winter classic. had a great time.

  • winter classic. sure is trackmania. the free trial is super limited though...

  • winter classic.

  • free android version. it's very immediately more mechanically engaging than the previous knights of pen & paper. not sure i get the humour and worldbuilding though...

  • a simple mobile simcity that is exactly as i expected it to be. quite nice to play. love to build roads and zone.

  • this got goofy fast. love it

  • picking this back up just because i felt like it

  • playing this in breaks while chasing deadlines... i wasn't super sold on the concept back on kickstarter but this is truly a great game. more gameplay and story depth than i initially expected. there's something actually believable in all its '99 absurdity.

    update: I saw the credits! I think the story stumbles a bit at the end, but I still loved it.

  • complex in a meta way, yet fun and playful. more constrained than i wished, but still great!

  • less than ideal on the switch, but still quite intriguing and fun nevertheless. could always use a good lightweight roguelike to mess around with

  • finally finished this. i'm still quite disappointed that it didn't quite hit the same highs that 999 did. it over-expanded on the basic concept without bringing much into it, and both the puzzle design and narrative structure are so much tedious and predictable. it also just kinda ends huh. the double/triple plot twists are pretty good though!

  • just for kicks

  • back on my bullshit. trying an archipelago map, it's weird!

  • i can't believe i'm actually enjoying playing borderlands in 2019. this game's good and 2K Australia probably deserved more credit and budget for it. RIP o7

  • played and researched mappy for something i was working on

  • I've been getting back into this lately. Still fairly enjoyable in a casual and relaxing way.

  • Forgot to try this earlier! This seems like a pretty good mobile picross game. I like the rapid flow it's got, and the aesthetics are on point. Might stick with this one for some time.

  • me reading through a list of names for the fifth time: who the fuck is brendan

  • oh yeah i guess i haven't logged this yet. hitman 2 still great

  • seems neat, but i'm still pretty early on

  • despite having a similar concept, it doesn't really have the character that reccetear does. it also feels a bit "simple", at least at first. but it has such tight feedback loops that feel dangerously addictive. seeing that the game presents itself as having a new game+ even from the start, this sure seems like a game i might want to keep playing to see the numbers keep going up O_O

  • this got brought up in class, so i guess i'll try to get an ending i'll be satisfied with

  • 50% off!!! heck yeah

    the tactics stuff is fairly cool, but i'm not sure i like the rest of it. i guess it's for kids, but still. The UI etc also feels starkly un-Nintendo-like. now i wish xcom 2 war of the chosen is on the switch...

  • i forgot to log this earlier... it's still love nikki. the ui is still quite a mess, and things just got busier and busier with new modes and new stories and new promotional sales and multiple ongoing events and new currencies to grind and thousands more clothes to collect. love it.

  • "what if i replay through the complete saga right now" famous last words

  • forgot to note this earlier, tried joining the global game jam this year. that was pretty fun! some very cool games were made. i really liked one where someone made a fake CRT monitor and a simulation of working with an old computer.

  • wolves hunt in packs, and they are weak to ice and fire both

  • played that clickhole game "Protect Your Gold From Barack Obama". Pretty funny at first but it kinda dragged on.

  • well, it was on sale

  • I might as well

  • moving onto the last game of the series, with a much stronger presentation than VLR. kind of a bummer that it's still just boring undergound bunker stuff, but it's still early goings i don't know what will happen. so far, i like it a lot though!

  • crime crew made me want to give it a shot. the story mode has many brilliant design choices, but the story itself so far is... it's technically competent, the acting performances and capture are great, but the characters and sense of humour is so far feeling hollow. it's either simply xenophobic or somewhat thoughtless. it suffers from what i like to think as "satire/politics as an aesthetic", satirising things without aim or personal feelings (other than "everyone sucks!") just for the humour. It kinda bums me out. somehow, the character with the most depth that i can empathise with so far is jimmy. i'll still try to finish it, but the more i play it the less interesting it becomes as a whole tbh

    gta online has similar issues but has less emphasis on the story and writing, so it is pretty fun. i just wish it doesn't constantly bombard me with stuff from the get-go lol

  • i've been coming back into this, it's still a fantastic video game. the story and some of the MP structure still sucks but oh well, can't win it all. hunting horn is still great, and i've been getting into the switch axe too. what a good combat flow

    Update (September): I beat tempered kirin solo with hunting horn!! unicorns ain't shit. also to add, iceborne beta. is.... cool (ohoho)

  • played this for a project i was doing. more to come on that, maybe! paperclips is still maybe the most beautiful clicker i ever played btw

  • this game does the david cage thing of "if you get a game over it's a bad game" so well. it feels like every part of the game is part of a coherent (though intentionally disorienting) story. i'm still fairly early on, but i love it.

  • for a game about diving into the deep, it feels strangely shallow. it's an amazing looking and sounding exceptionally well crafted game (the fish!!!!), but i didn't feel like i got much out of it. it is also weird to see the same trajectory that journey and other thatgamecompany games have, but it feels more hollow for whatever reason.

  • oh yeah i played more stellaris at some point. i like the new-ish changes to the way borders and cities work. it's still stellaris. good stuff

  • oops i almost forgot to log this one. didn't expect this to be a concise digging game, i like it. tight design. reminded me of dig n rig in that short complete experience feel.

  • something about the map and positioning within doesn't feel right so far, but it's still neat. that new xcom style tactics is extremely my shit.

  • played a bit more of this on my phone. kinda weird and broken now, since the service is dead, but still pretty fun. i think i'll just stop and look for the switch release later

  • a lot more coherent and engaging than the first, i thought. enjoyed it immensely. very funny too

  • i fell off before the release of stormblood... now that there's new EU worlds to transfer to, i got tempted back in. the job changes are great, i love playing the new paladin. i'ma tank for life baybee

    Update (September): I think i've logged 200 hours this year already... I'm also liking Monk a lot now. 2.x and Heavensward's story is amazing, full of surprisingly pointed politics and emotional storytelling. I've really been sleeping on this!! also i love to monk now i guess.

    Update (December): just getting to stormblood... at this point I'm pretty sure I'll be a PLD main forever. It's still alright. Still wish the job quests are better though!

  • demo

  • went to gamescom 2019! this is not as action-y as i hoped it could be... i couldn't even find a cancel! animations take forever, taking hits you see seconds away feels bad. but it's interesting in that it's very much an RPG system, expecting you to get hit a lot. I just wish it was more interesting, like, give me something reactive or dynamic about taking hits. anyway, seems neat. i hope the walking around will be good

  • some guy wrecked me at the game. idk, it's a fighting game. looks alright, but it's no guilty gear.

  • sonic and shadow keeps wearing shoes in karate matches. is that even legal? the games are simple, but hey they're pretty fun. the 1964 mode is quick and fun, good times.

  • this game looks good on the switch???????????? it actually feels exactly like the PC game, down to the same slowdowns and jank. i should play witcher 3 again...

  • another game that surprised me for how RPG-ish it is? the action is still basically fun though! all sorts of things chain together easily, you got party members and assists, everything flashes and explodes and makes my eyes hurt. the RPG stuff has potential... camping and cooking?? levels??? sidequests???? all the sidequests come from the original dragon ball characters, who were mostly missing from DBZ, so it's super fun to see for long time fans. they also copy the scenes down to the same, era-appropriate sound effects and everything. i'm actually strangely, though still cautiously excited for this game!

  • this game... actually looks and feels amazing. and i genuinely thought they changed some parts of the game design, but i looked up the old game and it really is EXACTLY the same as the old game. i have to respect the confidence they have in the perfection of link's awakening, that they changed as little as they can and still make it look like this, and still charge 60 bucks for it.

  • this game is fun??! got damn slamming ghosts is fun. you can slam ghosts into other non-sucked ghosts, flattening them, and then you can chain suck from the slammed ghost into the flat ghost :O there's also plunger shots, gooigi (who is so, incredibly gooey, that he would actually squish INTO things as you bump them), there's so many things mechanically going on in this game!

    other than that, no mario button, but it's still great luigi's mansion shit. the demo is fairly linear, i wonder how much backtracking/intricate open level design there is. I loved that stuff in 1.

    update: turns out there is a mario button, and this game is good as hell. now this is my kind of AAA game. just a total no bullshit theme park fun times with high production value. the care with which every little thing is animated is just wild.

  • played some of that console edition. the interface feels nice, and the game seems like a more natural fit for consoles. would be nice if it runs good on the switch.

    (and that's the end of gamescom 2019!)

  • got bored of it pretty much immediately. it's gacha alright. i feel like i would enjoy going back to love nikki more.

  • cube m can suck it

  • good. dimitri good boy

  • this is kinda harder and more technical than i expected. neat though.

  • i guess this isn't counted as a game on the wiki, but hey, Twitch Sings! karaoke fun! asynchronous multiplayer! duets! some of the duets aren't great (the hell is up with it's tricky), but hey it works!

  • still GOOD btw

  • took a break from ffxiv to replay this for game club. still love it. it's a super designerly game in retrospect, for better or worse.

  • i love how farcical this game's whole vibe is, it's such a fun way to look at a piece of history. i love the simple "educational" design. it relies a lot on the "telling", but it's based on a deservedly-found confidence that the visuals, music, writing, and acting performances are strong enough to stand on their own

  • not quite the hitman complex goof-around simulation that some people make it sound like, but it's fun enough. feels like there's a bigger emphasis on the pre-determined "story mission" to-do list interactions, so far. the rake gag is... immensely disappointing.

  • Tried it a bit. pretty fun. definitely way more fun with friends though

  • heavy sigh

    trying out some of the new stuff. osiris is, idk. warmind is short but cool. bows are fun. the general progression/power balance system is kinda better than before, i guess. still uneven though.

    update: destiny 2 continues to be a game that is incredible in its capacity to continuously annoy me to no end, despite having actually enjoyable main action gameplay. i think the game works a lot better, now that it has just enough variety (although barely so, in the weapons department), but everything around it is somehow EVEN MORE ANNOYING. none of the interface and UX flows right! everything is vague, confusing, and/or unnecessarily convoluted! 90% of the progression design relies on arcane knowledge and awkward tutorialising! you can just completely mistake something and make 0 progress on the thing you want to do, or get it right and only make 1% of the way there! sometimes it's hard to tell if it's intentional, or a bug! the majority of the game feels obsolete once you hit the soft cap! don't even get me started on the menus!!!! how do they make it so hard to just enjoy shooting things... it's almost impressive. it's like a parody of game and UI design, but like, late 2000's MMORPG and F2P design. even modern MMO's have stuff like pve level scaling and regularly do UX/UI rehauls nowadays.

  • i didn't expect to like this, but i did! it feels distinct from the common ccg design trends, with no attack phases and a singular focus on card effect combos. the "unnatural" game-y abstractions, like the use of rounds with a persistent graveyard, somehow makes it more fun. i don't think i'll get into this too much, but i like this in a casual, light way.

  • amazing... wonderful... i can't list all the ways i love this game because it'll take me 2 hours to type out. i'm super glad i went into it almost completely blind. getting choked up just thinking about it.

  • didn't really expect this to be the corny and sweet game that it is. if i played this last year i might have been hard pressed to name 10 games better than it. for real though, its meaningful twist on the game mechanic really did remind me of brothers. it's the kind of game that makes you want to keep living.

  • now THAT's what i call metroidvania vol 69420, feat. the best video game meowing of all time?

  • i'm just not super into what's hot in the scene. the music genres. but it's fine. this is a fun one of those. just, i dunno, could use some ska or something.

  • played through this for extra life. still great!

  • it's not the best strand game of the year, but it's cool and full of bullshit i love and bullshit i hate. it's the most death stranding game ever made.

  • aaaaahhhhhhh pokemooonnnn!!!!!i love my cute pokemons!!!!!!!

    btw this game is hilarious for its depiction of british culture through the lens of japan. it's so sincerely inaccurate in the funniest ways.

  • came into this a bit wary, but it exceeded expectations. still not done with it yet, but i'm enjoying it. it's significantly more concise and grounded (relatively speaking!) than something like the torment games, which i like. may be in the running for best investigative type game i've played yet.

  • (temp listing b/c no wiki page) AI Dungeon 2 is a cool and fun text adventure game that works most of the time. Primo dream logic stuff

  • i forgot to log this one. typing...!

  • also forgot to log this. it's nice, but it is what it is sometimes.

  • a delight to play. pesky: best character of 2019?

  • SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah i'v ebeen going on a VR tear lately. this one's a bit disappointing, though. feels a bit awkward in general. not sure if i want to give this another shot in vr

  • super cool.... the UI in VR works very well! no motion controls, but I'm a fan.

  • Skyrim VR... it's still skyrim. as awkward as you'd expect from a skyrim. it takes so much effort to just set things up in a more preferable way. but modders have done some really impressive stuff for this. it's just fun to check them out, but the well runs dry pretty quickly for vr-specific mods. modding skyrim in general is still fun though! i've got 35 mods installed right now, and that's with a minimalist approach!

  • played for game club. cool game! it's still the old school point and click adventure, but it's got some neat RPG-style twists to it. Liked the story too.

  • yeah idk why i decided to play this, and it took a lot of effort to patch and stuff, and it's weird as hell. not sure how i feel about it yet. also it softlocked on me lol